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Midway Entertainment

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1 Memory Card block, Player 1 or 2 modes

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Mortal Kombat 4

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
When you think of arcade fighting action which game comes to mind. Well for super gore and pretty damn cool 2d fighting I'd have to go for Mortal Kombat. For year's Midway has dished out series after series each one bettering the first. Now Mortal Kombat dips in to the 3d Fighting realm, and does it well.

Thousands of years ago in a battle with the fallen Elder God known as Shinnok, Raiden was responsible for the death of an entire civilization. To rid all realms of Shinnoks menace Raiden waged war that plunged the Earth into centuries of darkness and banished Shinnok into a place called the Netherealm. Now after Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Earth's warriors, Shinnok has managed to escape his confines in the Netherealm. The way is now being fought once again. Only this time mortal can win it.

Mortal Kombat 4 has some new tricks up its sleeve via features. Despite the normal Arcade 1-1 mode, take a dive into some 2on2 fun or Team play. Not having fun yet then test your mighty staying power in endurance mode. There's more you think you're a real iron man then hit that Ultimate Endurance. That's just a small taste of what's been added. There's no known dual shock support but I'll keep you posted.

The Graphics of course are wonderful; not quite rivaling the Nu64 version but who cares this is PS. Each character is detailed to a believable state. The lighting effects are very nice, and a smile comes to my face over those flame effects. The real issue is doe's Mortal Kombat 4 PS reaches the Arcade level of detail. The honest answer is yes and no. Although Midway had to take some short cuts to port MK4 over to PS. The over all speed and frame rate is very smooth. And the changes are not that significant to deter gameplay. The level design is pretty awe-inspiring. I still can't get over the moaning trees I get a real kick out them haha. The pit deaths are super gory, and the Fatalities are messy as always. I warn you don't eat lunch before playing if you're screamish.

Sound FX:
The SoundFX, are top notch especially if you ahem have a Dolby surround sound stereo system. You and you're neighbors will hear each punch, kick, chop, throw. Not only that hearing your opponent's scream in pain; after you just bent their leg the wrong way is pretty cool too. The Music Track rock's keeping the over all mood of each match. Unfortunately you cant listen to the musical score separately; I assure you will be treated every match with a rocking tune.

The Gameplay is phenomenal; any skill level player can pick up MK4 and kick butt. The Default controls are easily mapped out and in practice mode you can see all of the moves. I give Midway a "A" plus for doing this, which in turn prevents us searching endlessly for FAQ's. The only gripe is some of the moves are hard to pull off on a game pad. But if you are one with the pad you'll do fine. The Combo system is really integrated well, I almost mistaken MK4 for Killer Instinct kidding. You'll also be pleased to know some of the moves have been toned down. Now a roundhouse or uppercut won't ruin your day. And just when you thought the fun is over, whip out a weapon muwahahah. Man these things are cool and if you actually connect with it the other guy is done. So Midway took the damage away from uppercuts and such, and laid the power into weapons.

On the Final note although MK4 isn't a complete port from arcade. Midway made the right decision to save framerate, involving increased gameplay. The Sounds and Music are the pride and joy, and whipping the crap out of some one with weapons rocks. Putting the moves in the game are a big plus and have fun finding those secret characters. MK4 gets my vote, good game.

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