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Mortal Kombat 4

Alternate Costumes:

 To get alternate costumes, first go to the character select screen. Go
 to the character you want to  select  but  before  selecting him, hold
 START and press the  BLOCK  button.  When  the Ying Yang symbol starts
 spinning, wait until a voice says "Excellent!" or something comes out.
 That means you have the second color.

 To get the  third  costume, do it again and the  Ying  Yang  will spin
 again but this  time you'll have the  third  color  costume.  Example:
 Scorpion, Red Scorpion, Unmasked Gray Scorpion. 

Play as Meat:

 In order to  play  as the character  MEAT  you must go to "GROUP MODE"
 which can only be played in a two player mode. Play every character in
 the game (16 in all) and make sure you win every time.  After you play
 and win with the final  character  you can pick anyone, your character
 will then be MEAT.  He will have all the  moves  of the  character you
 selected but he will look ALOT different!

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