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Published by:
Psygnosis, Ltd.

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Pentium 120, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Hello and Good Afternoon, The game of Discussion is Escape O.D.T (or die trying). Which is a very interesting Action/Adventure/RPG. With a fully integrated plot and unique character design, you have to see for yourself.

The Story, well what story, you're a race car driver, you drive fast. You can drive fast and dodge cops, or drive fast as cops. You have some major cars at your disposal. Mostly cars you'll never see in your driveway. Unless of course you have $500,000 lying around.

The Story is simple; you are a captain of the Nautiflyus. Which is a weird concoction of a Blimp. And your mission is to retrieve the Green Pearl. Getting the Pearl was no problem, but taking it back well… On the Trip back you encounter a dangerous story which crashes your ship. But that's not it you were lucky enough to land on the Forbidden Zone. Where all the mutants and freaks hang out. There's more bad news the Pearl is missing, you're lost. What's a guy to do, well escape O.D.T. of course.

The Install was smooth and painless. Plus when first starting the game you're treated to a nifty cinema sequence. Plus another good thing O.D.T. isn't a space hog like most games. Takes up a mere 300megs for full install. The menus are very nicely integrated and you'll be off in no time.

The Graphics are a splendid treat. You are immersed in a very large Forbidden Zone. Which consist of eight levels split into 75 different sectors. That's pretty big, plus your character (there are four to choose) have over 250 motion captured animations each. Not to mention the enemies you face are just down right ugly. The dynamic lighting is incredible; the world is fully playable. Meaning you can smash and shoot allot of stuff. The Graphics are so good; they make you feel like you're really lost. And trying to escape the Forbidden Zone Scary.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX is pretty sweet, as you'll have the pleasure of hearing howling winds, and raindrops. Plenty of other little goodies are included as well. Each enemy has their own little screeches and grunts. The Musical Score is something to die for. As you may actually mistake the music as just sound effects but there's more. The Music incorporates Water crashing into the rocks. And Bird chirps, all environmental like noises, plus adding a snazzy drum beat in the background. It's really cool you have to listen for yourself.

Well it's time folks for the almighty Gameplay Section. Gameplay is coming from all angles here I was getting overwhelmed. Right in the start you'll be introduced to your four potential hero's/heroin's. I won't bore you with character descriptions, but I will tell you this. Each character has a separate role to accomplish. Making the game's replay value very huge. Plus each character carries out their quest simultaneous with yours and you'll meet up and exchange info. The Forbidden Zone is a unique environment in which you can jump, climb, swing, and fly around. The most noticeable of all Gameplay features is the smooth framerate. If you have a high-end system w/3D graphic card. You will be treated seamless, uninterrupted gameplay.

Overall, this is an intense game, need I mention the spells, and these things are graphic splendors. Extra treats to the superbly design Forbidden Zone. Escape O.D.T. combines all the elements that a quality game requires. Fist being awesome graphics, second being innovative. Third having incredible sound effects. And last but not least having outstanding Gameplay and replay value. Escape O.D.T deserves a perfect score.

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