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Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the
corresponding cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Effect                                   Screen              Code  

Level select; appears after new game
and character chosen                     Main menu            lacrimosa  

Sophia now playable                      Main menu            sophia 
Karma now playable                       Main menu            karma 
Full energy                              Game play paused     xul 
Full mana                                Game play paused     boz 
Full capacity on all four weapons        Game play paused     jbb 

Increase power slightly on all four
weapons                                  Game play paused     math  

Increase armor, weapon, and spirit
levels slightly                          Game play paused     grabo  

Maximum experience                       Game play paused     mumu 
50 lives                                 Game play paused     alex 
All spells                               Game play paused     rik 
Add one star to each acquired spell      Game play paused     vince 

Full energy, mana, experience,
weapon power;50 lives, slightly
increased armor, weapon, and spirit;
all spells with 4 stars                  Game play paused     cachou  

Remove enemy life bars                   Game play paused     bar 
Unknown                                  Game play paused     birdy 
Unknown                                  Game play paused     odt 

Disable collision detection:

Hold C + [Ctrl] + Z and press the cursor keys to move without collision

All spells, weapons, extra lives, health, weapon power-up:

Hold down C + [Space] during game play. 

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