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Published by:
Acclaim Sports

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

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Are Available

1 Memory Card block, Milti Tap Adaptable, One to Four Players

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Sound FX



WWF WarZone

Game Review - by John Piparo
WWF WarZone is an action packed wresting game that will keep you up all night, trying to win the darn thing. The whole point of the game, of coarse, is to try to win the WWF Championship belt. But first you need to battle all of the other wrestlers, which isn't so simple.

The features on WarZone are awesome! Just to name a few, the Create a Player menu lets you choose hundreds of different ways to customize your very own wrestler. You can have him skinny or fat, black or white, good or bad, and the list goes on. Another cool feature is the training mode. It lets you practice against a trainer so you can better yourself in wrestling. It lets you choose on what position you want the trainer in and what move you want to do. After you select, the appropriate buttons to activate the move will appear.

The graphics on WarZone are very impressive. The wrestlers in this have never looked so realistic before. Even when you create a player, they look just as good or better than the other guys that were programmed into the game. Unlike most games, the clothes that you dress your created player in, his face, the other wrestlers, everything is very visible and good looking while you are playing the game. The short movies that they play time to time are a little cheesy, but if you are a true wrestling fan they are cool!

Sound FX:
The Sound FX is very detailed. In this game, the crowd really gets into what they are watching. For example, if you repeatedly punch your opponent, the crowd will boo you and cheer for the other guy. The crowd also says comments about the wrestlers such as, "The Rock sucks", "Rocky doesn't suck", and "You suck!" The commentators also add a very good touch to its Sound FX because it makes you feel like you are at the real thing. When you put your opponent in a hold or a pain move, they will grunt and say things as if they are in real pain. For example, Thrasher, when put in a pain move, yells out, "Owe, I think I just swallowed my tongue ring!"

The gameplay for this game is very good. It is easy to learn how to fight well in this, even if you have never played it before it is easy to play against a veteran of this game and beat them. WWF WarZone lets you wrestle with up to three other players. The types of matches that you have to choose from are: Challenge (which is just regular competition), Tag Team (you and another fighter team up), Versus (you vs. CPU or player 2), Cage (fight in a cage), Weapons (fight with weapons), Cooperative (player 1 tag team vs. player 2 tag team). While you are fighting, you have the option of to pause and go to the move list. This allows you to the moves of what the player can do in that particular situation. This proves to be very useful while you are playing.

Overall, I thought that this game was awesome. It is everything that you could ask for in a wrestling game. This game to me is probably one of the best games I have ever played. It never gets boring and all I want to do is just sit at home and play it forever. Acclaim has really done a great job with this game.

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