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Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

Game Review - by SkaDaddy
Upon release of Toy Story 2 the movie, comes Toy Story 2 the video game, titled "Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue." This game is a fun 3 dimensional adventure with you, as Buzz Lightyear, in the middle of it. You can use your karate chop action or your deadly laser. You can jump, rappel, and fall with style. You can get power-ups and advice from friends that will help you on your way through your mission: You must save Woody!!!

"As resourceful hero Buzz Lightyear, you've got your hands full. Your best buddy, Woody, needs to be rescued from a greedy toy collector and it's going to be an all-out race against time to save him. But have no fear--you're not alone! A back-up crew of your fellow toys will be there to watch your back. Ten... nine... eight... seven--the countdown to adventure is on!" --Activision

This game features 15 levels of toy size fun. You must complete missions and collect items to move through these levels. These levels include places from the movie including Andy's house, Al's Toy Barn, Al's penthouse apartment, the airport, and more. To move through these levels, you have to collect Pizza Planet tokens. There are multiple ways to get them. You can collect coins for Hamm, fight a mini-boss, solve a puzzle, win a race (e.g. RC), or collect a specific five items for a character (e.g. Bo Peeps five sheep). Buzz Lightyear has many moves including pole climb, zip slide, super foot stomp, targeting mode for an accurate laser shot, and the always popular Space Ranger spin attack. You must use all of these moves and sometimes several in combination to defeat the bad guys and rescue your pal Woody.

This game is difficult. I think mainly due to the variety of moves you must do. The 3D view is nice until you actually have to maneuver somebody with it. You will eventually get used to it, but by the time you do the missions become vague and confusing. We had to go online for tips to figure out where exactly we were supposed to go and what exactly we were supposed to do. You get used to the laser targeting mode in which Buzz flips down his Space Ranger helmet and zooms in for a locked target. You get used to the spin moves and like I said before, the 3D view, but it just doesn't ever seem natural.

I loved the first movie, I loved the second movie, and I loved how this game looked. It looked just like the movies. All of Andy's toys were there. All of Buzz and Woody's enemies are there. It is great. When someone else is playing and you are watching, the bright colorful smooth graphics make you think you are watching the movie. It's incredible.

Sound FX:
Again, this game is just like the movie. The voices are the same. Meaning, they are the same people! From Tim Allen as Buzz to R. Lee Ermey as the toy soldier Sergeant the voices are accurate. The only exception is that it appears Jim Hanks did the voice of Woody. I can only assume that is Tom Hank's brother. That's good, Tom has too many other important movies to make. Also, the music is just like from the movie and it's very playful and enjoyable to listen to. Finally, the sound effects sound just like the ones from the movie as well. Great work.

If you loved the movies or if you have the patience to get used to the controls, I would recommend you buy this game. I would buy it. I would buy it because I loved the movies. I'm not very patient, but the cuteness of the whole thing made it worth a try. Run around as Buzz Lightyear. Shoot some toys. Collect some coins for Hamm. You are Buzz Lightyear. You learn your way around Andy's House (just as it appeared n the movie) and around his yard and into his neighborhood. You get sucked right in.

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