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Published by:
GT Interactive, Inc.

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

Game Cheats:
Not Available

Sony PlayStation

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Sound FX



Streak: Hoverboard Racing

Game Review - by StormDaemon
In the gaming world there has been many boarding games ranging from skateboarding and snowboarding, to even jetskiing. With Streak, now hoverboarding has been added to the sports world with its true anti-gravitational physics.

The features Streak offers are average, with the only real highlights being able to play freestyle and racing on hoverboards. The menuing system does its job of offering the mundane selection of options, and the only noticeable feature of the entire game is the fact that you are racing on hoverboards. The game claims that it is true anti-gravitational physics, which is interesting because antigravity is relatively unknown and untested within the boarding realm of sports. Anyway, the features were little and even then they were still average.

While the idea behind the game seemed pretty cool, the actually gameplay itself was good. The control of the hoverboard was difficult to really get down, and even racing itself was not that easy. If the board didn't bounce off something lightly, it would send you flying in the air, with no in-between effects of you hitting something. Watching the race would get boring because the people would barely move, even when doing a flip they would stay in the same position. After the control was mastered, the races were decent, with the computer players having the ability to navigate through anywhere without having as much trouble as a normal person has. While the lackluster play was boosted by the theme of hoverboard racing, the gameplay nevertheless was still average.

The graphics were certainly not the highlight of the game, but they did their fare share. Very reminiscent of Duke Nukem 3d's 2.5D graphics, there was not a large amount of 3d looking objects. The levels certainly looked 3D, and they had translucent special effects and such, but everything else, especially your racing person, didn't even come close. The hoverboard would spit out 2D trails as you zipped along, and the person standing on the hoverboard barely moved and looked almost as if they were a statue. The levels themselves looked nice, but whenever you would race through obstacles like water or a tree, it looked really 2Dish, which was very disappointing.

Sound FX:
The sounds were decent, with nice background music that suited the theme of the game, and the effects in the game were not great, but were not horrible either. For instance, whenever you hit something, your person would grunt or make a noise, and after a while it gets very annoying. The other sounds were not very noticeable and none stood out, making the sound effects rather average.

Streak was an average game overall, with the nice theme downgraded by the graphics and not so great gameplay. Had the graphics been knocked up a notch, the game probably would have been a lot more fun to play, but unfortunately, they were not very good and the game suffered. Overall, the game has a good idea with average everything else, so if you have the money and think its a cool idea, grab it and you might not be disappointed too much.

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