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Published by:
GT Interactive

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

5 Memory Card blocks

Retail Price:
Not Available
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Sound FX



Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012

Game Review - by Greg Giordano
This game is packed with non-stop action that will keep you on your feet until you are finished. The whole idea of the game is you have to kill other cars and pick up tourists. You have so much fun blasting your way through cars and grabbing tourists as you go by, its weird. This game is an improvement to Twisted Metal 2. Rogue Trip is now one of my favorite racing car game because has more than one objective.

In Rogue Trip, you have many features and the latest in using analog controller capabilities. It also has a lot of cars with their own special abilities. You have to try all the cars because each one has a different special ability. You can pick up tourists and kill other cars. It is an excellent game though, so it doesn't need anymore options.

The graphics are pretty good. They are one of the best graphics for being a car fighting game. Rogue Trip has good detail on the background and colors, as well as the special effects, which are cool looking too. All in all the graphics is more than fine.

Sound FX:
They sound effects are great. They have Mighty Mighty Bosstones playing in the background as well as other songs. But if you don't think that sounds good, there must be something wrong with you because it matches with the game perfectly and makes it seem incredible. Also, every car has a different tourist to pick up and when you pick them up they will say something funny.

The Gameplay was pretty nice. It had a button for sharp turns so you always had control. The loading takes a little while but it doesn't skip or anything, it runs nice and fast. It takes such along time because of the nice sound, but not that long. The wait is worth it. This game is excellent; you can play a trip where you have to pick up tourists and kill the other vehicles. This has many features for a two-player game. The controls are a little weird, but you can change them, to your preference. After a few games, the controls get easier it get easier. The other vehicle can also take your tourists, and then you have to chase them, which makes it fun too.

Overall this game is awesome. It is one of the best fighting car games yet. It is a fun game to play with friends. You will enjoy beating the pants off them once you get use to the controls and learn how to play it. You will never be able to put down the controller once you get started.

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