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Published by:
Psygnosis, Ltd.

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

1-2 players, Memory Card 1 block, Analog Controller Compatible, Vibration Function.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by StormDaemon
The world of racing games is about to be changed by a fast paced, non-stop, full 360-degree game called Rollcage. Full of 3D graphics and awesome special effects combined with original and highly fun racing, this game is sure to excite both casual and hard core racing fans that have longed for a game that is original. The sheer speed and full 360 degrees of racing will amaze anyone who even remotely likes racing, and the real soundtrack with songs from artists such as Fatboy Slim will keep all gamers entranced and into the action.

Rollcage features a great soundtrack, good looking 3D graphics, and awesome gameplay. The soundtrack was made by DJs and musicians and all of the songs have a fast beat that really goes well with the game. The graphics are all in 3D and have nice special effects for just about everything. The gameplay is probably the best feature out of the entire game with all of the speed, flips, and weapons. Racing involves either a practice race or circuits of different tracks, which get harder as they progress.

The gameplay was absolutely awesome because of the high speeds and the ability to drive everywhere, including the ceiling and walls. The vehicles are not slow earthbound hunks of metal, they're super futuristic cars designed to be indestructible and capable of achieving incredibly high speeds. Because of those speeds and indestructibility, the cars can drive on walls and ceilings if they can keep a high enough speed. If they can't, there's no worry because no matter what, they can't be destroyed. The weapons don't even destroy the cars, they just slow them down either through explosions or slowing down time, which is one of the best weapons. A shield is even included to help get through all the explosions and crashes that can slow you down.

When you first begin, there is a practice mode available which lets you race against one opponent around a track continuously, tracking your time as you go. You can also switch cars at any time, allowing for practice with whatever car is desired. Once practice is over with, you can go on to the real racing in the three different circuits. All of them have different tracks and levels of difficult, and to win a circuit, you have to accumulate the most points.

All of the tracks are different, and require different skills to successfully get through them. Racing as fast as possible may let you take first in one track, while in a tight and small track that may get you last place. Some of the tracks even have tunnels allowing for racing in loops, on the walls, on the ceilings, and generally all over the place, and some are so small and tight that you'll lose all sense of direction with one mistake.

The graphics are fully 3D with special effects that dazzle anyone who plays the game. Every single track is in 3D and if there is a wall or ceiling, it can be driven upon or over. Along the track there are obstacles and buildings which you can easily blow through with your indestructible vehicle. The vehicles themselves all look pretty much the same except for maybe the colors of the body. Included with the cars are the special effects such as smoke from the tires, fire from the exhaust, and sparks from hitting the ground. The weapons each have their own effects and all of them look really cool, from huge explosions to time slowing down.

The only flaw with the graphics was that occasionally, some of the effects such as smoke and lights get cut off and look really bad. Most of the time though, everything is going so fast that it isn't noticeable, but once things slow down, the flaws are apparent.

Sound FX:
The sound effects are just as good as the graphics, and the soundtrack that is for the game consists of actual songs made by DJ's and other musicians, some of the more notable ones being Fatboy Slim, EZ Rollers, and Aphrodite. The music is techno style dance, trip hop, and trance, all of which really add a lot to the gameplay, coinciding with the action on the screen. The limited edition of the game even came with an actual music CD of all the tracks, which shows just how much the designers really tried to make the music good.

Rollcage is an overall good game with the gameplay being the absolute best part. The speed, and the ability to race upside down or anywhere for that matter makes the game original and fun, which is incredibly rare among racing games in today's et. The soundtrack was really good, and the graphics were even better. Not only is the game fun, but it is addicting as well, providing for hours of racing fun.

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