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Hasbro Interactive

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Analog Controller and Vibration Function Compatible

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Game Review - by SkaDaddy
Another Atari classic is brought back to life on the PlayStation. This rendition of the 1980's Q*bert has similar characters and gameplay but updated graphics and a whole storyline for the new "Adventure Mode." This mode has new worlds and new levels with new characters. It adds some depth to the original.

Q*bert's home world and friends have been kidnapped by his archenemy, Coily! Lead Q*bert on a wild cube-hopping adventure to save the day! Find Four pieces of the Magic Disc in Dimensions unknown to put an end to Coily's dastardly deeds. -Atari

This updated classic showcases new 3D graphics and 3 modes of play. These three modes are classic, adventure, and head-to-head. Classic is just like the original with the options of grainy original graphics or 3D graphics. Adventure mode features the new storyline, worlds, levels, and characters. In this mode you must score points to move on to different levels and in the end rescue Q*dina. This gets slightly complicated if you want it to. Otherwise, just keep jumping from block to block and avoid your enemies. The final mode is a one on one competition for points. You versus another human being for the blocks make for a pretty exciting time.

This is the only category where the original was king. The analog controls do work but are not listed as compatible. It doesn't matter; the analog sticks aren't any better than the control pad. It's just very awkward and hard to get used to. You can't tell where your pong really is or how fast it will move. The original had the paddles with a wheel and that was the real way to play pong.

This is the one category where the new Q*bert takes over. He looks smooth and stunning in his new 3D threads. Very nice. It also has the option of turning your PlayStation back in time to the original 2D, fuzzy mode. This is surprisingly cool feature. This 2D mode is only available in classic mode however. The 3D worlds are very bright and beautiful with sharp characters and more.

Sound FX:
Another arcade game with very standard synthesized music. There is nothing special here. It's not bad, just not much. Typical arcade sounds (high quality but boring). There isn't much you can do with the sound effects for old arcade games (but you could try). Oh well, this doesn't effect my review of this game. It's worth listening to.

I would not recommend this game to everyone. If you liked the original Q*bert or have a love for nostalgia then you would enjoy this game. Otherwise, it is an annoying substitute to more enjoyable forms of entertainment. If you do happen to try it out, you will instantly be addicted. So unless you can waste a day or two, I wouldn't pick up the controller.

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