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Published by:
Midway Entertainment

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

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Are Available

5 Memory Card blocks

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Sound FX



NFL Blitz

Game Review - by John Piparo
NFL Blitz by Midway is a non-stop action roller coaster that doesn't go down. This game will keep you on your feet from first kick-off to the final play. NFL Blitz combines all the best football action with all of the humor and craziness of NBA Jam. You can do just about anything illegal in NFL in this game, such as offside, unnecessary roughness, hitting after the play, and so on.

Blitz really does not have that much to offer features wise. Other than being an excellent FOOTBALL game, it has nothing else to offer. From what I have seen you can't even create a player. But you can do is play seasons and tournaments. This of course is the key to being a true football game.

The graphics on Blitz are not so good to be going crazy over. Everything looks all right but it is not anything special. Other than when you are playing, there is nothing else in the game that you would want to look twice at. But, since it is not mainly based on how it looks it takes much less time to load up than it would Madden.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX in Blitz are pretty good. When you get sacked, the Quarterback will occasionally say something like, "Hello, can I get a little protection here?" Or when you just simply tackle someone, the person that did it will say something like, "Yeah baby!" The players are constantly grunting through every play as they are being knocked to the ground and having their bones crushed. The announcers add a good touch to their Sound FX because they are always commenting on what you just did and what the other team did. All in all the sounds have you listening to something funny or painful through the entire game.

But now I have reached the climax of the review. The Gameplay! This game has incredible gameplay. It moves so fast from play to play that, most of the time, you will not have ANY time to even scratch your nose. This game had to be the simplest football game that I have played. Instead of having a pass menu, you just point to the direction of the player you want to throw it to and throw. There are just about no rules in this game so you can do whatever. This makes it extremely fun because after a play you can just trash the other team by smashing right into them or jumping on top of them while they are on the ground. But there is one problem, you don't have that many plays to choose from and when you do pick a play they are hard to fulfil.

All in all I loved the game because it was so fun to play, especially if you are playing with a friend. This game is a definite must-have for all you football fans. Midway put everything that you have always wanted to do after a play into this game which results in hours of sitting in front of a TV and playing NFL Blitz 'til you can't play it no more.

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