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Activision, Inc.

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Memory Card with 2 Blocks Free, Analog Joystick Compatible, Single Player only

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Nightmare Creatures

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Nightmare Creatures is a terrifying immersive 3-D action-adventure game that takes place in the Gothic world of fog-shrounded, 19th century London. Using combat moves, a variety of weapons and magic spells, players must eradicate dozens of superbly rendered, high-polygon-count monsters as they uncover the dark secrets of an underground cult.

The Storyline.
Legend has it that on London's blackest night in 1834, the Brotherhood of Hecate rediscovered the lost key to the darkest regions of man's unholiest fears. It is said that through this arcane act, they released into the dark, foggy streets of London the most horrifying creatures the world has ever known. But facing these monstrous beast were two mysterious warriors. And on this fateful night, they engaged in a decisive battle to deliver the fate of millions from these demon spawns.

Redefinition of Action-Adventure.
Nightmare Creatures fuses the combat elements of top fighting games with the fully explorable environment of adventure games. Unleash unstoppable combos, use incredible weapons and special moves, and find hidden objects.

Two Lethal Heroes.
Play as the noble monk - Ignatius or the deadly swordwielder femme fatale - Nadia. Each hero has his/her signature fighting style (28 different hits, combos, and special moves) with weapons that are upgraded with each level progression.

Extensive Weaponry.
While exploring London's darkest streets, the player discovers many weapons and spells to aid in combat; pistols, burst guns, fire bombs, mines, freeze, berzerker and confusion spells.

Gothic Atmosphere.
Recreated using actual maps and blue-prints of London, the 3-D textured environment eerily evoke the feel of the city in 1834. Roam, fight and butcher your way through sewers, cemeteries 15 ungodly monster-types and five powerful bosses in 16 chilling levels.

3-D Modeled.
Realistic gameplay elements include incredible fog, rain, snow, wind, lightning and other weather effects built with dynamic light sourcing and transparency routines. Rendered and modeled in 3-D, the monsters and bosses run at 30 frames per second.

Character Interaction.
The player is capable of fighting up to four creature - opponents at once with no loss of speed or fluidity. The creatures also were developed with per-polygon collision detection for each appendage (arms, legs, heads, torsos) which allows a creature's appendage to be severed and still continue on the attack mode until finally sliced and diced.

Innovative Camera.
The intelligent camera optimizes the player perspective of the game's rich environments and high-impact fighting sequences. The cameras have been developed to provide a cinematic gaming experience.

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