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Fox Interactive, Inc.

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Memory Card with 2 Blocks Free, Analog Joystick Compatible, One or Two Players

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N2O: Nitrous Oxide

Game Review - by Brian Lastrom
N20: Nitrous Oxide is an interstellar experience of light, color, and sound. Navigate the deadly Torus Tubes created by your enemies and immerse yourself in a truly amazing 3D world. Geffen recording artists The Crystal Method provide a pumping electronica soundtrack throughout the game to keep your heart racing and your game soaring. The soundtrack contains four rare Crystal Method remixes with one being an unreleased Drum and Bass version of the track Comin' Back. Choose to play the songs in order, randomly or select any particular track to heighten your Nitrous Oxide experience.

Nitrous Oxide features up to two-player action via two PlayStations, split-screen, or both on one screen. There are over 40 levels in this game so saving is a necessity, but if you don't have a memory card, don't worry. There is also a code screen where you can input codes given at the level's end.

You are also able to customize the controls to whatever buttons you prefer. In the options screen you can change the way the camera rolls, as well as what type of lens flares you prefer. Nitrous Oxide has a lot of features that let you customize your game play to your specifications.

One of the best features in Nitrous Oxide is the music. Nitrous Oxide features the music of The Crystal Method to keep you rocking to the techno beat as you blow away bugs in the gas filled tubes.

The graphics in this game are pretty wild. When you first see the disco-lit tube, you realize that you are definitely in another world. From the wonderful textures of the tubes to those funky looking bugs, this is one ride that you will definitely enjoy. One particular graphic I enjoyed was the way they made the different tube that you must fly through. Some of them move in waves to provide an extra challenge when saving the Earth from deadly bugs.

Sound FX:
The sound effects themselves are about your average effects, but what make them better than the rest is the music that is played. The music alone sets the mood of this fast paced action game. The use of The Crystal Method really boosted up the level in this game. Not only is the game fun, but it rocks the house!

The game play left some room for improvement. It gets difficult to implement the jumping and in two-player single screen mode, you run into the other jet. One good challenge the game provides is the increasing speed as you kill each bug. By the end of the level you'll be going so fast you wont know what to do.

This game is extremely fun. The two player games make it enjoyable for you and your buddies. What makes this game so good is the uniqueness of it from what is out there on the et. This is a very simple game to understand. Most anyone can just pick up a controller and blow away some bugs. N20 will keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end.

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