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Hasbro Interactive

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Missile Command

Game Review - by SkaDaddy
Another classic is brought to life with the help of Atari and Hasbro Interactive. This latest installment is the beloved Missile Command. This time it appears on the PlayStation, and it's better than ever. With a new mode of play and a new storyline, this is sure to please. The graphics are upgraded as well as the soundtrack. This is one to check out.

"ALERT! Earth is under attack by an unknown alien enemy! We need the Missile Command! Recently, astronomers tracked a previously unknown asteroid as it entered near-Earth space. On closer inspection, it turned out to be an alien war-base filled with giant motherships. These ships have been spreading out, and their intentions are painfully clear. They plan to wipe human civilization off the face of the Earth! Our space forces have been all but destroyed. In a desperate, last-ditch effort, the experimental Missile Command teams have been called into active duty. As one of the Missile Commanders, you must lead your highly trained team of crack Pod Pilots (Firewall, Tactix, and Case) into battle. You have only one goal: Save the cities of Earth and, ultimately, the entire planet." -Atari

This game showcases the classic mode of Missile Command and the new "Ultimate Mode" of Missile Command. The classic is based on the 1980's version where you defend cities from oncoming meteors. The longer you play, the more you have to fend off. The new mode comes with the new storyline. It features larger than screen worlds, in which you have to move around the screen as well as aim. These worlds are 3D with cities in the background. It also features counter strike abilities that allow you to fight back (not just defend) and actually take over the battle. This is required to beat the new ultimate mode.

This game plays very similarly to the original in classic mode. Aim and then fire. There isn't much to it. It is however, very addicting. The Ultimate Mode works very well too. You not only have to aim and fire, but you also have to move your ship around. You don't have to move too much, just enough to see off of the main screen. This keeps you busy and makes it more exciting. You think you've gotten all of the missiles and then you move upscreen, and there are more than you could ever possibly handle up top. This is very scary and cool.

Wow. This looks nice. The classic mode is just spruced up enough to keep it interesting, but the new mode of gameplay totally changes the way you see Missile Command. This has very sweet 3-D graphics and very cool sceneries in the background. This is very well done. Also, there are great movie sequences throughout the game that are very high quality. Very cool.

Sound FX:
This is the first thing that caught my attention from this game. The music soundtrack on this game is awesome. My roommate and I have it cranked up right now while I'm writing this and he's playing Half-Life. I definitely dig it. The sound effects are pretty good too. There are some great explosions on the movies before and after the game. This is what I'm talking about.

You should go out and this game. It is a definite challenge but well worth it. Once you get the hang of it, your hand eye coordination will go through the roof. It's a good thing. Then you'll be able to take on the world, or another version of this classic a decade or two down the road.

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