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Published by:
Eidos Interactive

Game Genre:
Arcade Game

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Are Available

1 player, Memory Card 1 block, Analog Control Compatible, Vibration Function Compatible

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Sound FX



Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

Game Review - by StormDaemon
Everyone's favorite wisecracking lizard is back in a brand new adventure to save the beautiful Agent Xtra from the evil clutches of Rez. Using over 25 all new disguises, you'll travel through several TV dimensions to find Agent Xtra and stop Rez, but you can't go through the game without pointed res. You'll also have over 1000 wise cracks performed by famed comedian Dana Gould to make the game that much more interesting. Great graphics and lots of cool sounds also added to all the fun this game provides.

The stars include Dana Gould as GEX's voice, and Baywatch star Marliece Andrada as Agent Xtra. The graphics are top notch and feature an intelligent 3D-camera system and lots of special effects. The wisecracks are really cool, and spice up the game a whole, making you want to play that much longer just to hear another funny comment.

GEX is an all around easy game to play whose style of play that is very intuitive. The camera system has all of the controls you could ask for. You can rotate the camera in either direction and immediately center it behind GEX. Considering that most games have inadequate camera angles, the GEX camera will position itself in a good position even when you're moving.

Even though this is an arcade game, it still has a lot of puzzles that aren't too easy to solve. Each level can be finished in a variety of different ways that require a bit of dedication to complete. The game wasn't designed to be difficult, or to be too easy either.

Smooth high-resolution graphics topped off with lots of nice special effects are rampant throughout GEX 3. The 3D graphics didn't have any grainy look to it like many other current games. The levels themselves are filled to the brim with landscape, structures, enemies, and miscellaneous things. GEX was also looking pretty styling, with 25 or so different outfits he could throw on, all detailed to the max. This is a game that is pleasing to the eyes and be disappointing in amount of details.

Sound FX:
Using over 1000 different comments, the game designers made a game that will keep your interest and won't get you bored of listening. Even the enemies make a few comments themselves, not as many as GEX, but still some interesting ones nevertheless. You'll also get to hear the sultry voice of Agent Xtra leading you throughout the journey to her. The sounds without GEX's wise cracks are pretty good, as is the background music, but all are definitely eclipsed for an amazing playing experience.

GEX 3 is adventure game that goes beyond just simple run-and-jump action. This game combines special effects, graphics, hilarious sounds and smooth game play to make a game that everyone can enjoy, not just arcade buffs. The absolute best part of the game had to be all the wise cracks GEX makes at your playing expense. The added extras, such as Agent Xtra, added to the game, with no detriment. I heartily recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a fun and funny game.

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