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Memory Card with 2 Blocks Free, One to Four Player Modes

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Frogger 3D

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Long ago, Game Over, the ruler of all that is evil in good games, finally squished the last extra life of Frogger, putting an end to his persistent hopping fun. While Frogger's been gone, hundreds of baby frogs have lost their way trying to take his place in the dangerous Frogger game world. Now, Frogger has been brought back - to hop his way through many spectacular 3-D worlds. His mission, to rescue over 175 lost baby frogs. Once again, he looks to you, The Player, to help him out. HOP TO IT!

Armed with all new moves, like Super Jump, Power Croak and a Heat-seeking Tongue, Frogger makes the leap to 3-D! He's lost in strange new worlds where he must hop through polluted ponds, hostile deserts, and dark caves filled with nasty enemies. And that's just the beginning! There's crocodiles, lawnmowers, turtles, and snakes waiting to croak him! Frogger, was a game of fast-moving, quick-hopping fun, but now is better than ever.

Frogger offers the original, addictive/repetitive Frogger play pattern, now with 9 new worlds and 41 levels of game play. With 3D graphics, original musical scores, and fun sound effects, you can play solo or multi-player with up to 4 players through specially designed multi-frog world map with 4 split screens.

The graphics of the original game were, of course, crude. One of my initial assumptions about the update is that it would contain cutting-edge visuals, yet this is not the case. The entire cast of characters is rendered with unattractive, jagged, blocky polygons, and the animation wasn't convincing.

The game makes minimal use of texturing, affording the sparsest of detail to the enemies, hazards, and the environment. There is also a problem with the blending of texture tiles, and often surfaces are a mish-mash of misplaced squares, instead of a smooth blend of lava or rock textures. Overall, the game has a very bright, cartoonish look, with some appealing visual elements.

Sound FX:
The sound effects are well done, and in fact are one of the best parts of the game. One nice touch is how you can call the baby frogs with a croak, and they will answer. The closer they are, the louder their reply. One of the most memorable components of the original game are the sounds (this is true of most classic arcade games -- amazing how a few blips and bleeps jumpstart on our memories), and the new version manages to get this part right by creating an energetic and informative wall of sound.

Frogger's gameplay can be summed up in two words: Game Over. Do you require an in-depth analysis? It won't be hard, trust me. Playing the game goes something like this: Hop, die. Back to the start. Hop, live, hop, die. Back to the start. Hop, live, hop, live, hop, die. Back to the start. You won't believe how annoying this was. That's why I say game over because that's exactly what I did after a few minutes, turn it off.

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