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Published by:
SouthPeak Interactive

Game Genre:
Racing Game

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Are Available

1 player, Memory Card 1 block, Analog Control Compatible, Vibration Function Compatible

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Sound FX



Dukes Of Hazzard: Racing for Home

Game Review - by SkaDaddy
You remember the TV show, well here comes the game. We all remember watching the Dukes of Hazzard as a kid; now we get to drive the General Lee. You have to dodge traffic, run from Sheriff Rosco, and pull off hair-raising stunts- all to save the farm and your hide.

Once again, the Dukes find themselves in a whole bunch of trouble for nothing. Boss Hogg's gonna foreclose on the farm. Bo and Luke are under suspicion for having robbed the Hazzard County Bank. And to top it all off, some dude is back in town, tryin' to get some good-old fashioned revenge. Leave it to Bo 'n Luke - 'n you, this time around - to set things straight. There's a mystery to solve, and you've gotta stunt-drive and -race and -jump all over Hazzard to figure it out. It's bad enough some strangers are causin' a ruckus, but - same as it ever was - Boss is makin' it worse trying to pin the whole thing on the Dukes. Guess that's just how the bread gets buttered in Hazzard County. So do what you can to fend off the Law and the Outlaws; win that race so you can use the prize money to help Uncle Jesse; and just, mainly, have a good old time livin' the country life, 'cause that's what the Dukes know how to do best.

The single player mode of this game is broken into twenty-seven missions. You watch a movie for the storyline and then drive real fast to a destination. Each mission has a different purpose. In some, you just have to drive. In others, you have to beat the clock, outrun someone, or chase someone down. Along the way you can perform jumps and other stunts which will give you access to powerups. These powerups include nitro (for a quick burst of added speed), gasoline (to keep your car going), repair modules (that fix all of your damage), oil (to drop for your pursuers), and arrows (to fire at your attackers). The arrows are especially neat because Luke gets out of the window and sits on the door with his bow. Multiplayer mode is broken into three categories: time trial, race, and run the jug. Time trial is where you race for the best time on any given track. This mode allows only one driver at a time. Race mode is a head to head race for the finish. Finally, run the jug is a contest where players compete for the jug. The one who has the jug the longest wins. To gain possession you must ram the other player's car. This is quite fun.

The gameplay is good on regular controllers and better on analog controllers. As you increase the level from easy, to tuff, to hard, the gameplay suffers. But, the easy level will keep even experienced gamers busy for quite sometime. It seems that in the higher levels the other cars go faster, and Cooter took the liberty of loosening your steering and softening your suspension. It's not harder to drive the course (because it is the same course), it is just harder to drive in general. In addition, the use of the special weapons can be awkward at first. It comes naturally soon enough.

This game has typical PlayStation graphics but very atypical clips. The game starts off with an original looking intro video complete with "starring" cast listings. The movies have all of our favorite residents of Hazzard county including: Bo, Luke, Daisy, Cooter, Sheriff Rosco, Boss Hogg, and more. The game allows you to turn these movies off, adjust the field of view, and adjust the centering of the display on your TV.

Sound FX:
It has Waylon Jennings. It has Waylon Jennings. It has Waylon Jennings. Nuff said. The original Balladeer adds the final touch of the tv show. In addition there are good sound effects and great bluegrass/country music.

I like this game. If you liked the tv show, you'll like this game. It's nostalgic. It's not the best racing game ever, but it is less sterile than some of the other F1 type racing games. Some of the terrain repeats from mission to mission to incorporate the storyline of Hazzard county into it. You almost start to learn the layout of the county. The missions for the most part are quick and could be used as a quick break from the real world. Everyone needs a quick break from the real world. That is why you are here.

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