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Acclaim Entertainment

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Sony PlayStation

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Batman and Robin

Game Review - by Travis Shaw
72 Hours until Mr. Freeze turns Gotham City into a giant popsicle. You are the only thing standing between millions of innocent people and their icy doom. Your detective skills are about to be pushed to the edge as you drive, sleuth and fight your way to their salvation. Step into the boots of Batman, Robin or Batgirl and prepare yourself for battle with Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane in this non-linear third-person adventure of a lifetime!

Over 20 Hand-to-hand fighting moves unique to each player, such as Batman's 2-Hand Hammer Punch and Robin's Running Superkick. Over 20 All-new aggressive projectile gadgets, missiles and blades. True non-linear gameplay that results in a different game everytime you play! Race through the streets of Gotham City in 6 all-new vehicles including the Batmobile, Robin's Redbird, and the Bathammer!

Batman has his Batmobile, Robin has his Redbird motorcycle, and Batgirl has a custom sport bike. All the vehicles have defense systems and can return to the driver when they wonder off. Batman & Robin features many things to keep you busy during the game.

The graphics aren't that good in this game. The graphics look realistic instead of blocky "animation". I personally like "blocky animation" more because it looks more like the cartoons. If you like realistic graphics then you'll think differently. But altogether, Acclaim did a good job of making the characters look true to there movie form, which is good.

Sound FX:
The music in the game is actually from the movie Batman and Robin, which makes the game true to the Batman movie. By having the music from the movie sound track, it gives Batman and Robin more action while playing well with the events that are happening.

There is a lot to do in Batman and Robin, which makes it more interesting. There is more than 80 hours of gameplay! The reason for the long gameplay is that you have to find clues and solve crimes. Solving the crimes and putting the clues together gets more difficult as you go along.

Batman and Robin will give gamers a whole lot of things to keep them entertained. Most features are in the Batcave where you can train against a holographic street thug, do some target practice with your weapons, view clues on your Batcomputer, and there is also a training course upstairs in the Wayne Manor. You can also be Robin or Batgirl instead of Batman. It's almost like being inside the movie.

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