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Published by:
GT Interactive, Inc.

Game Genre:
Action/3D Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 166, 16 Megs RAM, 2X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Here comes the bride, here comes the bride oh sorry wrong review. It's just that with all the 3D shooter clones out there, I was skeptical of Unreal. Unreal has the elements from which separates it from fellow competitors. Abiet a fairly well used story idea, but with original gameplay and graphics.

In Unreal, you are a prisoner aboard a ship en route to a prisoner colony. The ship crashes on a mysterious planet where there happens to be a conflict between two races the Nali and Skaarj. As you journey through the complicated environments on the planet, you must find a means of escape from the ancient planet and help the Nali defeat the Skaarj. Unreal combines the medieval Nali architecture and the advanced biological design of the Skaarj invaders. That is yet to be presented to this day.

The features in Unreal are developed to the max. Easy to install, and easy to config the keys. The most noticeable feature is the advanced options. Where you can change the 3Dfx settings. The main screen is laid out simply, where you'll have no problem setting up the video, sound etc. One thing that annoyed me the most is the auto-cd option. Every time I put the Unreal Cd it wants to install it; what were they thinking? I had to take off the auto-check feature in windows control panel.

The Graphics in Unreal are well "Unreal" there are no stupid lighting effects and lens flares. The Lighting effects are awesome, and the other 3Dfx: fog, lens flares are rocking. Every room is breathtaking and original. And the levels are huge, I'm personally afraid of heights. Some of those cliff levels gave me chills. Plus there are a good mix of large open spaces and small spaces. Keeping you on the toes. The textures are really cool, from the water, to glass, to small Nali Huts. I could go on and on, but there's way too much to describe it all.

Sound FX:
The Sound is well I'm speech less, there are so many ok ready! Ranging from the electrical hum of the ASMD cannon, to the plop of the bio cannon. The Vortex Rider "your ship" emits screams of attacked prisoners. Also the ship on board computer wows ya. If you get outside, you'll experience environment sounds to the fullest. Bird chips, crickets, water flowing, earthquakes, and skaarj calls. On and on and on it doesn't stop phew. The sound track rocks, right in the beginning I was captured. I still have chills just thinking about it.

The Gameplay is undaunted, not only are the levels are immersed but the AI is high. Each enemy has his own fighting style. It's gets a little frustrating when the skaarj warriors dodge your shots. But Despite that the puzzles hit ya, they are numerous and hard. Making this game a challenge to not only live but to interpret. The levels flow nice and evenly, and you'll actually might enjoy getting lost on purpose. Take time to absorb the scenery.

Finally, This game is one of the best 3D shooters I've played to this date. Although Shogo: MAD is catching my eye that's another story. Unreal is original which is its absolutely best feature. The story is an original alien motif. The environments are original, and the sounds are original. Phew, I think I can stop holding my breath so I have enough strength to call 911.

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