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Microsoft Corporation

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Pentium 133, 16 Megs RAM, 100 Megs HD,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Urban Assault

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Enter the realm of post-nuclear warfare. Ever Since the "Big Mistake" oceans gone atmosphere messed up. There has been a race to create domed communities. But it doesn't end here despite there is constant civil warfare with your own, aliens choose to interfere. You are one man within the resistance; the free world computers have been unlinked to your brain. You're the last and final hope for world salvation, where have I heard this before? Despite the familiar story line, the game idea is not so familiar. Microsoft delivers Urban Assault: a nice mix of strategy/action gameplay.

There are tons of features to cover; I may not get them all. The most noticeable of them all is the vehicle control. You can jump in to any vehicle, plane, or helicopter with a click of the mouse. Consequently, you can also be the squad leader and the others will follow. There is a detailed interface for the host station. This is where you make all plans and decisions. Plus if your host station gets attacked, switch to gunner position, or warp to a safe location.

The Gameplay is fast and furious. Microsoft wasn't kidding when the said this was a strategy/action game. The coolest thing is when you create units. You just click on the desired unit and press your mouse anywhere in the 3d world. And walla your units appear and automatically start getting to business. There are so many interfaces, like the grid map, and squadron commander list. You'll be kept busy, it's also highly recommend to lead your units into battle. The reason is you get pumped up with better shields and energy. While you're enjoying the ride in the Fox tank, helicopter, or plane, don't forget to take over sectors. The more sectors you conquest the easier it is to win. Especially when the sector contains a power station or weapon upgrade.

The Graphics are well done. In 3dfx 800x600 I was convinced that it was a post-nuclear world. Although, the dull gray option screens, and grid map are not to pretty. The all around graphics still cut it. The coolest thing is when flying in a plane or helicopter. The 3d world really kicks in and the fun increases. The bad thing is each level is fairly repetitive. There's no real change in scenery or environment. Sorry no weather effects folks.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX is raw, another job well done by Microsoft. You'll be pleased by hearing chopper blades, tank tracks, and the host stations voice. Inter squad communication is implemented well also. As the fellow units will tell you exactly what's going on. You won't be disappointed as all weapons sounds and explosion effects are ripping too.

Finally, Urban Assault is a pretty good addition to the new game genre (action/strategy). The gameplay is fast paced and requires quick thinking. Although some of the interfaces could have been improved. The Graphics and Sound FX will keep ya happy. Of course there is multiplayer options. That's when it starts gets interesting. It's a game you can enjoy for weeks to come.

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