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Published by:
Sierra Online, Inc.

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

Game Cheats:
Not Available

Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 200 Megs HD,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX



Field & Stream: Trophy Buck

Game Review - by Mike Bradner
FIELD & STREAM Trophy Buck is a 3D hunting simulation with the action-packed pace of an arcade game and the steel-nerved excitement of a three-day hunting trip. Hunters may choose from different types of firearms including muzzle loaders, rifles, and bows.

The strategy of deer hunting rises to a new level with complex deer artificial intelligence and variable hunting conditions such as wind direction, time of day, seasons, and deer population.

Trophy Buck is really a very easy game to install. It has no big things that you have to worry about. The configuration of controls and the way the game runs are limited. It does not allow you to change the default controls, and the game setup is very limited. The controls are easy to get used to so there really is not anything major wrong with them although, I would have like the option to configure my own controls.

I ran this game under a 3Dfx card so my graphics will be better if just run under normal conditions. This game does support 3Dfx but it is not required. The graphics of the deer and ground is very good far away but as you come closer to trees and the deer, you start to see that they are very squarish. The trees are just a bunch of different colored squares through together. I believe that this game was just through together to compete with all the other hunting games on the et.

Sound FX:
The sound in this game is pretty good actually. The guns when fired actually sound like real guns and the same with the bow and arrow. There is a bit of commentary in the game when you miss a shot or when you get the deer. It really does not add much but it is not a bad thing, it helps you know if you got the deer in one shot or not.

Trophy Buck is a very fun game. You have to walk your hunter all over a certain area looking for deer and when you find them you have to sneak up on them for the shot. You sometimes have to run in the game and you become tired very quickly, which is an aspect I really dislike. Your hunter runs maybe ten feet and he is already gasping for air. Gameplay, however, is pretty fun once you get used to the game.

Trophy Buck is a descent game. There is nothing very special that turns me on about, but regardless it's still fun. Granted it is nothing like the real thing, but no game is. If you have played previous hunting games in the past and liked them you will like Trophy Buck. It is very much similar to other hunting games that I have played. It is a good game.

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