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Ubi Soft, Inc.

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Pentium 90, 16 Megs RAM, 80 Megs HD
8-bit Sound Board, Keyboard or Joypad.

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Sound FX



Sub Culture

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Sub Culture is an exhilarating 3D underwater action-adventure game. As one of the 'little guys', you must struggle to survive in the peril-fraught shallows within the confines of your submarine.

You must share these volatile waterways with hostile groups, the Bohine, the Procha, and the Pirates, whose age-old differences have exploded into an embittered and bloodthirsty civil war. Your ultimate goal is to save the world from destruction & find the truth about the humans who killed your family.

Sub Culture is centered on an exploration of a breathtaking underwater world. The non-linear missions contribute to the freeform nature of the game, providing a refreshing sense of freedom and control over your own destiny. And there are always freeform activities to choose from.

The mind-blowing graphics in Sub Culture is instantly captured the unique underwater setting. The 3D landscape is made up of over 100,000 polygons including arches, pillars, darkened caves, and a gigantic abyss. Also all the creatures are rendered with astonishing attention to detail.

Sub Culture can be played on a 3D accelerator for an enhanced graphical and gaming experience. Sub Culture supports 3Dfx, Rendition V1000 & V2000, and Power VR chips in native mode and other 3D accelerators through Direct3D. Be careful, this can be very addictive!

Sound FX:
All the sound effects in Sub Culture were created in-house. The digitized, sampled, and synthetic sound effects add realism and depth to the experience. Separate channels mix sound effects according to a sophisticated scheme. And the highly atmospheric sound track is an original.

Sub Culture consists of 27 missions divided into four stages. The first stage is training stage, all the other stages have a distinct scenario, which develops the story line of tribal antagonism, reluctant peace and victorious alliance all set against a variety of absorbing missions.

Every aspect of the game has been finely crafted, and together combine to create one of the most unique and engaging game experiences in recent memory. The graphics, sound effects, and music offer a technological tour-de-force; the intense combat, shrewd economic and political scheming, and challenging missions provide captivating and challenging gameplay. The title offers a notable degree of depth, yet is accessible and completely playable. Most importantly, it is great fun. Submerge yourself in Sub Culture, and you will walk away breathless.

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