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Published by:
Simon & Schuster

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Not Available

Pentium 100, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, SVGA card.

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Sound FX



Starship Titanic

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Enter the realm of adventure games. Starring Douglas Adam's Starship Titanic. This isn't any old adventure style game. Add a Monty python twist w/ science fiction and you have described starship.

At the Heart of our Galaxy, an advanced civilization of which we know nothing about has built the biggest, most beautiful starship ever, the Starship Titanic. Majestic and luxurious resembles a mixture of the Ritz the Chrysler building, Tutankamen's tomb and Venice. Starship Titanic is a technological marvel. And if cannot possibly go wrong. In theory, Seconds into it's maiden voyage it crashes into hyperspace, vanishes… …and collides into your house. Bewildered, you find your way aboard, and just as you are gazing at its awe-inspiring interior, the ship takes off again and heads deep into space.

You are stranded. But you are not alone… A crew of malfunctioning robots and a semi-deranged parrot inhabits the Ship. You discover that you can communicate with them, a feat that is made possible by Spookitalk, the game's proprietary interactive language engine. You can chat with any of the Robot's characters, like Fentible the distinguished Doorbot, Nobby the hypochondriac LiftBot, or Fortillian Bantoburn O' Perflous the outrageously convivial BarBot. Talk to them. Interrogate them. Give them orders. They will listen to you, answer you and, if they happen to feel like it obey you.

What words could we use to describe the Graphics? Awe Inspiring, Breath Taking, Super Flous, Masterpiece. Those are some that come to mind immediately. The ship is designed with so many details, its fun just wandering around trying to spot them. Lavish designs, patterns, and structures engulf every step you take. I love the main elevator that takes you to your room. My heart stopped, when I was introduced the floor traveling scene. The textures are very nice; it is definitely a graphic wonder.

The main feature and Starship Titanic's baby wonder is the SpookiTalk. This is the interactive talking engine. It allows you to converse with all the ships onboard robots. Also we can't forget the PET. For the life of me I can't remember what the pet stands for. But it is the main interface. Which allows you to store items, and other things. The PET also has access to your spookitalk, and personal robot buttons. Where you can call up any specific robot at any time. The game was easy to install, and movement between the three disks was flawless.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX, are well endowed I have to mention the voice acting was superb. I especially enjoyed the voiceovers from Monty Python's John Cleese and Terry Jones. The over all environment sounds are very nice. And the Musical Soundtrack is the breadwinner here. You can give thanks to Wix Wickens for he awesome musical score. Which ranges from near orchestra to ethereal sounds of bliss.

The Gameplay, in Starship is another strong point. The game requires some intelligence. Also it awards you for making intelligent decisions. The game is plundered with puzzles, insane riddles, and the solutions to these are not found easily. The answer not being the obvious is what will challenge all players. I for one enjoyed putting my game to work, as for other games I can't say the same. This is what adventures games should be molded after. Complicated but fun puzzles and a cool environment to interactive with.

Overall, Starship got my respect showing that companies are willing to make more than just graphical wonders. You will definitely enjoy the humor integrated into Starship Titanic. Plus the puzzles will keep you on your toes. I warn you this is a hard game to put down. So with that take a chance and enter the twisted world of Douglas Adams Starship Titanic.

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