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Published by:
Blizzard Entertainment

Game Genre:
Real-Time Strategy

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 90, Win95,
16 Megs of RAM,
80mb HD, 2mb SVGA, Sound, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by Dan Piparo
StarCraft is a real-time strategy game of interstellar combat. Three races collide in their attempts to gain dominance. As the military leader for your race, you must gather the resources that you need to train and expand your military to accomplish your goals, and let be it freedom or galactic domination.

Scattered and disunited, the many human worlds encompass a diverse range of cultures, but the majority of these ruling worlds can and will be identified with equal accuracy, as either vigorous and expansionist principalities or as the refuges of vainglorious pirates and ruthless scavengers. Generally wasteful, short-sighted, and quarrelsome, humans nevertheless continue to thrive on, pillaging world after world, while moving ever closer to more and more powerful neighbors.

Three Unique Alien Species:
Whether you command the nomadic Terran, mysterious Protoss, or voracious Zerg, you must devise totally unique strategies to master the specialized units, attributes, abilities, motives, histories, weaponry, strategies, and technologies of each of these opposing forces.

Multiple Theaters of Battle:
Engage in a deadly scenario of space combat, planetary assault, and covert base infiltration. Command Ghost Espionage Agents, Wraith Stealth Fighters, Protoss High Templars, and Zerg Defilers as you seek out to conquer enemy space stations and even the galaxy.

Revolutionary Special Effects:
Real-time light sourcing, true line of sight (which will enhance the fog of war), and an advanced transluceny engine combine for incredible visual effects and unparalled tactical realism. Elevated terrain, multiple weapons, and cover effects add a mix of real-time action.

Intense Internet Competition:
Now you can challenge players world-wide with the Free access to Blizzard's gaming service. Up to eight players supported for head to head, allied, or team play. Enhanced features include: a world-wide player rankings, tournaments, and challenge ladders.

Unequaled Campaign Editor:
Construct full-featured individual missions or entire campaigns with unrivaled ease! Set victory conditions, customize speech & sound, and create unique heroes while building enormous single, and multiplayer worlds complete with your own story lines and elements.

Starcraft also boasts advanced control features such as waypoints and training queues to provide enhanced gameplay, in addition to the intuitive interface, superb SVGA graphics, and outstanding sound and music that have come to be expected from Blizzard Entertainment.

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