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Published by:
Ripcord Games, Inc.

Game Genre:

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Not Available

Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, SVGA with 1 Meg.

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Sound FX



Space Bunnies Must Die!

Game Review - by StormDaemon
An old saying goes, "Imitation is the best form of flattery," and in the case of Space Bunnies Must Die!, Lara Croft must be really flattered. Not only does this game blatantly look like a clone of Tombraider, but even if Tombraider never existed, this game would be bad. Though the graphics were buggy and needed a whole lot of work, it was the gameplay that really was the iceberg in the path of this Titanic, err, I should say Titanic clone.

The storyline is classic, involving good ole country girls and killer alien bunnies. It all begins when an alien spaceship kidnaps the sister of Allison Huxter. When Allison follows the ship she discovers the secret Space Bunny base and decides to infiltrate it. You must lead Allison as she runs, jumps, climbs, dances, and talks to you throughout the entire alien base to save both her sister and the world.

Space Bunnies offers little more than could be expected in the way of features for a Tomb Raider clone. While Allison doesn't have as high a silicon count in her body as does Lara, she does all the acrobatic jumps, rolls, and moves that would be expected. The one feature that is completely novel and available to this game is dancing. Yes, that's right, Allison dances for the enemies. While this may hypnotize them a few times, in most of the other cases it gives them a stationary target. Allison will also guide you in your journey by speaking at certain points in a heavy Southern drawl.

Many items and power-ups are available in the game including carrots, H.A.R.E. guns (haha), and zombie juice (even worse). All have their own uses and effects, which are certainly nothing new to any action game.

As was said in the introductory paragraph, the gameplay really drags this game down. Not only is this game a clone, but a bad one at that. The most annoying feature was the complete lack of any precise movement whatsoever. A quick tap of a key results in Allison moving a few feet and usually off the edge of a platform, while holding down the key will throw her all over the place. Walking around is even difficult because of the wonderful feature of not being able to walk up a small and steep incline. Only in correctly made areas can Allison walk, which gets seriously annoying. Any attempt at moving off the beaten path results in sliding down, even from a half a foot off the ground. Sluggish couldn't even come close to describing the rest of the movement available, although the dancing was kind of cool, if you consider waving your arms and shaking your hips good dancing.

The combat is even worse with Allison doing all of the aiming and missing most of the time. The enemies usually have weapons and fire with good aim, meaning that you'll lose health faster than you can say, "Yee Haw." Although Allison does get better weapons, whether or not she can hit the enemies is a different story.

The gameplay is weak with it bad movement and bad combat, and is only bolstered by the 3rd person perspective.

The graphics are nothing special at all. While they are average as compared to every other 3d action game out on the et, they do need a lot of work in a lot of areas. The graphical bugs that plague the game are so obvious it isn't funny. From Allison going through walls to parts of her not even touching things when she is climbing or traversing on bars, the bugs are noticeable. The parts that aren't buggy look okay, and are not a distraction from the game, and no, Allison won't be fulfilling any young boy's fantasy. While they are not horrible, they are not great, and so they are dubbed average.

Sound FX:
The sounds get annoying after a while because Allison has a tendency to call you darling more often than is desirable. Considering that she has a commentary for just about every action, the good ole Southern drawl gets irritating after about 20 minutes. The rest of the game has decent, average sound effects from laser blasts to bunny bouncing. The music is actually real songs from various artists, and there is even a soundtrack for the game out on the et. The music is ok, depending on if you like the singers that recorded the tracks.

This was an average clone with little outstanding features and somewhat annoying gameplay. The buggy graphics and sluggish movement really detracted from the game, while the annoying accent and overly silly storyline made the game even less desirable to play. The bottom line is that if you really really want to laugh then this is the game for you.

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