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Published by:
Red Storm, Inc.

Game Genre:
Action Strategy

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 30 Megs HD,
SVGA, Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX



Rainbow Six

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
The year is 1999, and the cold war is over. Warfare has reared its ugly head again, except in a different manner: terrorism. Tom Clancy delivers you Rainbow Six, a team of highly trained multinational counterterriost. The game stays true to Clancy's novel as John Clarke is involved as Rainbow Six's commander. Many people have been comparing Rainbow Six to zombie's Spec Ops. I noticed some apparent changes and improvements. But unfortunately the game has a few bugs, which can alter gameplay at times.

The Features are well endowed. There is a very detailed approach to mission planning. You first go though the planning phase. Where you can view the blueprints for structures and view Intel as well. Before that you must carefully select you team. Which is divided into four categories/specialties: assault, demolitions, Electronics, and Recon. Each Rainbow Six Operative is unique in his/her own way. You can also check the history of each player. A feature I enjoyed because it allowed you to get to know the "team". After you're all suited up and ready to go via inputted waypoints. Execute and goodluck.

The Gameplay is a little frustrating; you only get one life. After you go down you can immediately take over the next guy. That doesn't sound so bad right well once the player is dead he's dead. You will not be able to access them for later missions. Making it absolutely necessary to plan missions accordingly. Red Storm was prepared for the ensuing frustration that was to come. They inserted a backtrack option allowing you to replay the mission. There's a catch though if your mission is successful and some one dies you can replay automatically. If the mission is a failure you may want to utilize the backtrack.

The Graphics are fairly nice, not to overbearing or superfluous. The game has its own visual feel, as it doesn't flash fancy lens flares and colored lighting. The environments are extremely realistic, and the buildings you carry out the missions in are awesome. The Game performed well in Direct 3d that's good news for non-3dfx users. In 3dfx 800x600, everything is sweet from fog effects to detailed surroundings. Red Storm took some time in making each room individual. So if you run into a bathroom, you'll see a Toilet, stalls, garbage can, mirror, and sink. Pretty cool huh, it doesn't stop there the effects of gunshots is the best. Make sure to notice the exit wounds on a terrorist when ya nail him. To bad there isn't an instant replay feature dope J.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX, is excellent, as you can experience shattering of glass, footsteps, and more. There's not really a sound track that I noticed. It's fairly silent when you start a mission. Albeit, you must notice all sound effects to access your surroundings. One example being in the Embassy where you can hear a terriost opening the door, then ya let em have it.

Finally, there's a reason why Rainbow Six is one of the best games I played. Despite the minor fact that Rainbow Six is very difficult. It is extremely addicting, I found myself playing hour after hour redoing missions. On top of that I put some major time into Multiplayer. Where you can experience Team survival, Two teams Blue Assault and Gold Defense. Play until one man standing or time expires. The Graphics are tight and fairly ever clip or warp. And the Sound FX rock. The game captures you with realistic addicting gameplay, which blows Spec Ops out of the water.

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