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Published by:
Wizard Works

Game Genre:
Simulation Game

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Are Available

Pentium 75, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, & DirectX

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Sound FX



Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter

Game Review - by StormDaemon
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter is another hunting game in the grand tradition of Deer Hunter. While it has a few good points, and it may be favored by those gamers who love these types of hunting games, Any hunting game fan should be mildly entertained by this new adventure in the Rockies that has bears, elk, moose, sheep, and several different weapons.

Trophy Hunter is a rather simple game that does not have many features beyond the weapons and items available. The game does, however, try to recreate an actual hunting experience with realistic animal behavior, the ability to track weather, the use of animal calls, and a big map.

The animals respond with somewhat realistic behavior, which is a good part of a hunting game, for example, if you shoot at the animal, it will run. The animal can also smell you upwind, so that has to be taken into account while on the hunt as well. As for any other features other than having a rifle, shotgun, bow, muzzle loader, revolver, lots of animal calls, scents, a tree fort, and bait, there are none other than that you can affect animal and tree density, and you can even trade trophy rooms to your friends.

One of the more below average aspects of the game is the gameplay. If you have ever played a hunting game, then you have pretty much played this one. You start off by picking a weapon and a few items, and then you head off into the wild.

During the next few hours, you might actually find an animal, but this is a rare and special event. Once the animal is found, you must race it to a point where you can go into first person view mode. Then you may or may not see it slowly gallop towards you. At this point, a shot will probably be fired, and you'll probably miss. After that you'll chase after the animal again. That about sums up the experience of the game.

If you are lucky enough to hit an animal and then lucky enough to find its body, you'll be taken to the trophy room immediately where you put its head on the wall. Even though there are a few more things to do, such as tracking and baiting, both are extremely hard and don't seem to work too well. The perception of this type of gameplay truly depends on the gamer, because a person who likes these games would probably really like this one, while someone who does not will hate this game with a passion.

As compared to the rest of the hunting games on the et, the graphics for Trophy Hunter were average, but when compared to just about any other type of game, they were below average. As with most of the other hunting games, the backgrounds were pre-taken pictures of areas, and the various animals, objects, and trees that are in the area are all pixilated sprites.

When the scope or binoculars are used, the graphics look even worse, being extremely pixilated. The weapons themselves look decent, but the animations are much worse. If you can actually hit something, which is rare, a puff of smoke will appear and nothing else. No blood, no tree bark, only smoke. The smoke doesn't even look that good. The animals look somewhat similar to real animals, but they have lots of pixels and either walk or run in the exact same manner.

In accordance with the first person views, the overhead map is not that great. While the pictures that occasionally appear on the side look nice, the terrain and floating animal heads are not as pretty to look at. The items you have, though, are drawn nicely, and because of that, I have more fun picking out my weapons and items than actually playing the game.

Sound FX:
Surprisingly enough, the sound effects are actually rather good because of the ambient sounds that really bring forth the feeling of being in the mountains. From woodpeckers to birds, you'll probably hear most things that are present in the mountains, and the best part is hearing the occasional gunfire from another hunter. That usually happens right after using an animal call, which probably isn't good.

The animal calls also sound authentic and they actually even change slightly when they are used, just like in real life. If animals are nearby to hear the calls, they will respond too it most of the time, and I believe I even heard wolves a few times. The weather also makes sounds, with the skies thundering as a storm approaches, and also when a storm is actually overhead. You can also hear the sound of the rain as it falls.

Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter was an overall average game with poor graphics and pretty good sounds. As was mentioned above, the perception of this game depends on the type of person playing, but generally, this game was not too good. The gameplay was very boring and took forever, and the graphics were severely lacking in quality. The sounds, though, were very good and really helped the game. The bottom line is that this is an average low quality hunting game.

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