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Published by:
Wizard Works

Game Genre:
Real-Time Strategy

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 90, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 6

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Sound FX



StarCraft: Retribution

Game Review - by StormDaemon
The Saga that is StarCraft continues with this authorized add-on that provides many new maps, both single player and multi-player, new voices, and multiple mission objectives. Campaigns for each of the three war torn races are included, providing for long hours of difficult and strategic gameplay that will challenge even the best StarCraft players.

An ancient artifact known as the Argus Stone has been found on the Terran world of Aridas. All three races converge upon the planet in order to acquire the artifact that is said to have incredible power. Whoever controls the stone is said to be able to control the universe, so it's up to you to guide the three races into battle for possession of the stone.

Retribution offers mainly 30 new single player missions, 120 multi-player maps, new heroes, and new digitized voices and sound effects. All of the missions have many different objectives, which coincide with the storyline, and they all are certainly not easy at all to accomplish. The set of missions contain campaigns for the Protoss, Terrans, and the Zerg, each with around 9 or 10 missions. The multi-player maps are all varied and have different objectives for long hours of play. With each campaign there are new heroes that you'll be working with, and even though they are not very deep, they still have nice abilities. The final new feature is the new voices and sound effects. They take place during the mission briefing and sound good, even though a new voice or two is nothing to jump up and down about.

The single player missions themselves all tie together in the quest for the Argus Stone, and have creative objectives that make them stand apart from the original StarCraft. The difficulty level is extremely high, even though the first few missions do not seem that way. Once they end missions near, then you'll be fighting against an entire map filled with enemies, literally. Most of the maps involve more than just killing everything, even though it is usually a side objective, they usually require you to get somewhere on the map with your main hero. Even with the high difficulty, you are usually given powerful units to help you build up your forces. The maps are not easy and short enough that they'll only take you only a few minutes to complete, so expect several hours long battles. Other than that, the maps are as any StarCraft player would expect.

The add-on's graphics were nothing new, and used all of the units, buildings, and animations that were in the original StarCraft. The only change in graphics would be all of the new maps, which used all of the same tiles as from the original StarCraft maps. The design of the maps was good, with a strategic layout of the scenery and land for each mission.

Sound FX:
The additional sound effects were mainly in the new digitized voices of the main characters around you and commanding you. All of the voices sounded good and sounded like they were actually coming from a person in that campaign.

Retribution is an overall decent add-on that lets you play some very challenging maps that take a long time to finish. The story is decent, and didn't seem completely slapped together, but the characters didn't have a lot of depth to them. The new sound effects were not very noticeable and played a small role in the overall picture. The missions were the highlight of the add-on, and overall it was pretty average.

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