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Published by:
Ubi Soft, Inc.

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 166, 16 Megs RAM, 30 Megs HD,
SVGA, Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX



Redline Racer

Game Review - by Brian Lastrom
Redline Racer is a spectacular and challenging motorcycle racing game that, for the first time, brings a pure 3D arcade racing experience to the PC.

This motorcycle racing game comes with a few different modes of play. There is arcade mode, where you are put up against seven other racers in an all out, no holds barred race. As you move up in arcade mode more tracks and bikes become available. There are 10 tracks in six different locations (Alpine, English Country, Beach, Desert Canyon, and City Circuit). But winning the arcade mode isn't the only way to get new bikes, there is also the Redline Racer homepage where you can download new bikes and new racing teams, to add to the ones already on the game. There is also multi-player mode where you and up to seven others can race against each other via modem, LAN, or serial connection.

The graphics in this game are phenomenal. From the sun shining directly down distorting your vision to the water tolling up on the beach. One thing is for sure, this game went all out when creating the graphics for this game. The motorcycles are designed with terrific detail and dead on accuracy. The lighting effects are fairly good as well. When entering a dark tunnel or area, you will be able to see the light from the bike shining on to the ground. The sunspots are really excellent! From the snowy mountainside to warm beaches, the graphics clearly give you a feel of being right there in the middle of all the action!!

Sound FX:
The sounds in the game are fairly well done. Though the background music and the engine sounds tend to get annoying after awhile. The setting sounds are done excellent. From hearing the water wash up on the beach to the skidding of the bikes on the snow in the mountains.

The controls in this game are very responsive and agile. If you have a gamepad or joystick, there is no problem adjusting the controls to suite those needs. Redline Racer even supports the force feedback feature that some controllers have. The game itself starts off easy, but when you hit the higher difficulties, you will quickly realize that excellent driving skills will come in handy. Just remember to watch out for those elements of nature, like water on the beach. Because if you don't you'll end up slipping and sliding all over.

This is a fun and challenging racing game. Just when you think you have beaten all the tracks on all skill levels, you realize that you must race them backward as well on all skill levels. This game provides hours of racing in a spectacular 3d environment. With the help of downloading new bikes and teams, interest in this awesome game will remain strong. And if you have a 3D card, you will be in awe over the spectacular graphics and lighting. So if you are into racing and want a good time this is the game for you, just don't frustrate your friends when you cream them in the multi-player games.

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