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Published by:
Sierra Online, Inc.

Game Genre:
Role-Playing Game

Game Cheats:
Not Available

Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 6X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX



Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire

Game Review - by StormDaemon
The Quest For Glory series continues with a new 3D adventure that has all the fun of the previous Quest For Glory games plus a good story and just as much detail. Sporting the usual point and click on just about everything interface, both old time QFG players and newbies will be able to quickly grasp and fully explore the huge worlds of Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire, while enjoying the complex story and fun details that pervade absolutely everything. While this is mainly an adventure game, the designers have not lost the humor that was present in the previous QFG games, and since it shows in many areas, be prepared for funny, but bad, jokes.

Times are not going well for the kingdom of Silmaria, invaders are slowly taking over and the good King has been assassinated. Those times call for a hero, and the King of Shapeir has given your name as a good recommendation. You are called to Silmaria and eventually join in the competition to become the next king while trying to discover the source of all the trouble, and hopefully fix the problem.

Quest For Glory has many features that were brought from previous games and upgraded a great deal. The graphics have been upgrade to 3D and look really good, while the game music has been upgraded to be an actual soundtrack. All the detail and the incredible amount of available paths to choose from are included, which are sure to make the game last a good long time, just like its predecessors. In order to truly explore every single way of playing this game, it would take a long time, and the intricacy of the world is incredible. Playing a character is also as detailed, with variable statistics for just about every attribute and skill needed for the game.

Playing a game of Quest For Glory is not just playing a game, it is living out an entire story. From the most menial details such as eating to the major details as fighting off a dragon, you will have to guide your character through every part. Another important aspect of the game is training; your character doesn't automatically start off with maxed out abilities, he must gain them through training in several different ways from dagger throwing to running. The storyline itself must also be worked through, not just experienced. If a certain item isn't found or a certain person isn't spoken to, you won't get to a certain part of the game. Most of the parts of the game are linked, and require a lot of exploration and puzzle solving in order to get through. Details are the key to the game, and if all avenues are not explored and scrutinized, the story may not be finished, and because of that, the details are the best part of the game.

The graphics were a nice looking upgrade from the traditional 2D to the more conventional 3D. Even though the characters were 3D and the world appeared 3D, the side view of every scene did take away from the feel of everything, and made each area feel limited and enclosed. The detail on the graphics themselves was variable, and even at the highest setting, the 3D characters were not particularly clear or detailed. The screen movement was slightly choppy at times, even with the windowed screen in use. Other than those minor flaws, the scenery detail was absolutely gorgeous. Most of the places looked like they came right out of some fantasy painting and looked really good. Not only did everything look great, but there also was a lot to each scene, from lit candles to water flowing down a waterfall.

Sound FX:
The sounds were detailed and nice, and the music itself was really good and was even made into a soundtrack. Most of the things in the world had some kind of sound effect and most really fit into the picture. Occasionally, though, there would be some looping, but that could be ignored. As for the rest of the bug free sounds, they really complemented the game, but at the same time, they did not immerse a person into the game completely.

One great point about the sounds was the use of voices for every character that could talk in the game, except for yourself. Every part of a conversation that could be had could be heard, and all of the voices had a feeling of their own and made each character come alive.

Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire is a really good, fun game that will intrigue a person's mind as well as provide enough excitement to keep a person from getting bored. The 3D graphics are a nice upgrade, but are not the main points of the game that really make it what it is, it is the huge detail and complexity that really make this game stand apart from every single other game not in the Quest For Glory series. A great story combined with a good soundtrack also help to make this game as fun as it is.

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