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Published by:
Ripcord Games, Inc.

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Pentium 90, 16 megs RAM, SVGA Video,
Sound Blaster 16-bit, Joystick or Mouse.

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Sound FX



Postal: Special Delivery

Game Review - by Mike Bradner
Postal: Special Delivery is an expansion pack of the original game Postal. The game is very easy to install, in fact, I did not even install the game to my hard drive, I ran it directly from the CD. There was no lag in the game at all. The game controls were easy enough and did not require me to change them but, if you desire to it is simple enough by going to the CONTROLS menu. It is very simple to get the game up and ready to play.

In Postal: Special Delivery, the game is played from the overhead view of your player. The graphics are not that great considering the newness of the game and compared with other action games like Rainbow Six. If you have played the original Postal, the graphics are the same as the original game. I did not personally find the graphics all that appealing and was not impressed by them. For an expansion game, there could have been better detail as to guns and the killing of people.

Sound FX:
The sound in this game is average. There is nothing special about it, the guns sound like guns. The only really good quality that is of mention is the fact then when some people get shot they yell out saying things like, " I need first aid" or "Somebody kill that Mad Man." You, the shooter, say things like, "Oh, that's gotta hurt." Other then the sayings, the sound is fair.

The game is alright. I find it difficult sometimes when you are stuck behind objects and you cannot sidestep to get out from behind it, you have to turn and get run straight. This is alright but, if there is a guy standing on the other side waiting to shoot you, your dead.

Another aspect of the game is that it is so simple, even increasing the difficulty is not enough, the game could be so much more difficult. Your player can take so many direct hits from rockets, napalm, bullets, and grenades. The game is very easy to beat, and when you beat it, there is no ending to the game, you are just returned to the original screen.

The game is average, if you have played the original Postal, do not expect anything different from the first version. This expansion pack only offers four extra boards of play and a few challenges. Nothing about the game really made me think this game was anything extraordinary. It is fun to play but, once you beat it there is not much more for you to do. The game is just average.

WARNING! Postal: Special Delivery is rated Mature... and is only for Adults age 18 or over. It's no Disney type game.

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