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Published by:
Ripcord Games, Inc.

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Pentium 90, 16 megs RAM, SVGA Video,
Sound Blaster 16-bit, Joystick or Mouse.

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Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Postal is a "Non-Stop-Killing, Action, Psychological Thriller!" A mature theme about a character who goes postal when he uncovers a sick and twisted conspiracy that drives him to defend humanity from pure evil. Just open up to your inner feelings and kill every demon-possessed neighbor in town. And as you know, everybody is demon-possessed. So just keep shootin' and burnin' until you've turned your town into a destroyed and demonic exorcise yard. With Postal, you can let your inner child come out and play...with weapons.

This game has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Post Office. It's just about a dude who comes home one day to find his home padlocked, a moving van outside his house, and a police car outside, and everyone's acting very aggressive and irresponsibly toward him. Is everyone crazy? Or is it you? How do you spell relief? P-O-S-T-A-L!!

Postal has some outrageous 2D painted backgrounds. Finally there is a 3D game with no tile-based art, no repeated art. Postal also has 100% unique background art throughout each mission. That's what makes this game so addicting, you never know what's coming next. Postal has real-time 3D characters, weapons, objects, lighting effects. And the Pyrotechnic effects, including translucent explosions, flames, and napalm look as though they are happening live. Postal also has a unique X-RAY effect lets you see through buildings. Is that cool or what?

Sound FX:
Postal has an intense soundtrack based on realistic sound effects and ambient sounds. As mentioned before, the Pyrotechnic effects, including translucent explosions, flames, and napalm look as though they are happening live; they also sound like they are happening live. Hope that's real enough for you. And if that isn't real enough, how about listening to victims moan and beg for mercy. You can execute them if they get on your nerves.

Over 16 unique missions in locations including a ghetto, a city park, a copper mine, an ostrich farm, and a military base. A variety of enemy characters and victims, including cops, business men, SWAT teams, hicks, soldiers, drunks, sheriffs, and a bunch of ostriches and bystanders that just won't get out of your way. Postal is one of the few games that have a built-in, full-featured editor let's you create your own missions. Postal also has Multi-player network support to go postal across the Internet, LAN, or Modem-to-Modem.

Damn, this is one feature-packed, realistic, sick and twisted game. And it's definitely not for little kids. The violence is realistic, not sugar-coated. If you ask me, sugar-coated violence is what's truly evil we're just showing it like it is. So, what's the best feature of all? That's easy: awesome, addictive gameplay! Because beyond the visual and audio effects and the twisted story and all the other stuff, it all comes down to gameplay. And boy does these game have a ton of it.

WARNING! Postal is rated Mature... and is only for Adults age 18 or over.

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