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Racing Simulation

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Not Available

Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, DirectX 6

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Sound FX



Jack Nicklaus 6

Game Review - by StormDaemon
Golfing fans prepare yourself for the latest and most definitive golf game out on the et, Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge. With motion captured golfers, realistic looking courses, real physics, and an awesome course designer, this game steps up as one of the best golf games on the et, and with future add-ons, it will stay in the best of the best. Not only will seasoned computer player be challenged by and enjoy this game, but anyone who hasn't even played a golf game or even stepped foot on a golf course will be sure to enjoy this well-done title.

Features:Golden Bear Challenge has an immense amount of features combined together to make a quality game. Jack Nicklaus discusses the courses and gives little hints occasionally on how to improve your game. The graphics blend photo quality backgrounds and computer-generated courses for a realistic stretch of green. The sounds are another high point with the voices of two legendary golf announcers looking on and making comments, whether good or bad, about your game. The true-to-life physics also support this well rounded game with every factor accounted for including wind, hitting power, hitting accuracy, obstructions, the course itself, and general luck. The final and best feature is the course designer. The game designers took the time to make a course designer that is both easy to use and very powerful with its wide range of options. Would-be architects can plan a course however they please, even importing textures and backgrounds when available. Any imaginable nuance for a golf course can be created, viewed in a fully rendered setting, and then set up for play.

Gameplay:Personally, I have never really played a golf game before, and never really had the desire to, but after a few minutes of Jack Nicklaus 6, I honestly wanted to play a whole lot more. Even with all of the options, the game is easy enough that you can just jump right in and play, but the manual does tend to help at times. Normally, golf games just involve hitting the ball and changing position, which gets boring after a while. This game has extras in it that make it interesting to play and more realistic. The game announcers for example will react to the game, providing good and bad comments, and a few funny ones whenever appropriate. The voice of Jack Nicklaus also proves to be helpful with his commentaries on the course, and occasional hints on what to do in a situation. You'll also hear the crowd react to your play, with a few side comments by some of the spectators.

Some of the courses are hard, and some are fair, but never too easy to be boring. Most of the courses played are simulated after real ones designed by Jack Nicklaus, which allows him to give you great tips and hints. Designing your own course is just as easy as playing, with the easy to use course designer that also has a course wizard to quickly design a new one to play on. The importing of textures and backgrounds is also available, making the game more versatile.

Graphics:The majority of golf games tend to use less than good graphics and/or fake looking photos to make up for a bad graphics engine, but Jack Nicklaus 6 certainly does not. The graphics engine in this game is incredibly realistic. The courses have all of the things a normal course would have, such as water, grass, sand, side paths, houses, trees, and swamps. Plus this game allows you to actually go on all of those embarrassing places your ball might end up. The motion-captured golfer that you control looks very real, making for a totally consuming experience. The photo realistic backgrounds combine with the computer generated holes to make for a great looking course that is very pleasing to the eye. The graphics have to be one of the best parts of the game, even though everything else is great as well.

Sound FX:The sounds are right up there with the graphics and the gameplay, completing the game and making a great golfing experience. All of the sounds you'd expect to hear at a golf course are there, from the crowds to the birds chirping in the trees. The commentaries from the golf announcers are always appropriate for the current events, and they usually say something different. Jack Nicklaus will provide for a short commentary on the hole at the very beginning, and often he will pop up with tips and tricks to help your game. None of the sounds seemed to fake, and they all made the atmosphere of the game feel a lot like the actual golf- playing atmosphere. Though not as good as the graphics, the sound effects were equally rated high, and I personally could not find any downfalls.

Overall:Overall, this was a great golf game that has appeal to every kind of gamer out there. Even those who think that golf is boring will find enjoyment from playing Jack Nicklaus 6. The great playability combined with the number of features, the awesome graphics, and the great sounds all make this game a classic. The course designers adds uniqueness that every game needs to survive in the current game et, and it also lets you make courses that are a lot of fun to play. The bottom line is that if you love golf games, then this is definitely for you, and even if you are somewhat interested, check it out because this game is worth the time.

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