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Published by:
989 Studios, Inc.

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 166, 16 Megs RAM, 30 Megs HD
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, & DirectX 5.

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Sound FX



NFL Gameday '99

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Prepare for the most intense Football Game of the Year, NFL Gameday 99! With fully customizable teams, and rosters. NFL Gameday 99 has a slew of features, and a new rip roaring 3D engine.

The features are numerous, which of course is never a bad thing. As the install was flawless, keep in mind a 3D accelerator is required to play NFL GD' 99. The in game controls are a little tough to get used though. It is highly recommended that you use a gamepad to prevent confusion. Whatever your flavor, you can choose between a slew of options. Ranging from Exhibition, to Career/Season, and Tournament. Plus you can draft and create players to your heart's desire.

The Graphics in NFL Gameday 99 are the highlight of all highlights. The new 3D engine produces some sweet player models. Every player is scaled to his actual height and weight. Plus with the full 3D support, you'll be treated to some wicked weather affects. As for the player animations they are ok, but not great. The Tackles are one-dimensional; there are no trip ups, or knocking out of bounds. That is a little disappointing, but not a big deal. You're sure to get over that when you see your player high stepping into the endzone.

Sound FX:
The Sound in Gameday 99 is pretty damn good. The main tune rocks at the first screen. After that you get treated to Play by Play from Dick Endberg and Phil Simms. Sometimes the Play by Play is off, which can have you saying "what the hell". But all in all the sound is tight.

Ahh sigh the Gameplay, I don't know if it's just me but I'm seeing major gaps crossed in this section. Companies seem to finally realize that graphics don't make a game. Gameplay and graphics together make a game, and good sound is a bonus. The first thing to point out is a large selection of in game camera angles. Some of which take time to get used to. The main thing is the Computer AI showed up to fight. You won't get away with a notorious "Madden play". The Computer catches on to your pattern and adjusts accordingly. The only fault is that you're limited to 45 degrees of player motion. Maybe another gripe is the play selection. The plays you need aren't always easily selectable. Especially with a worn out gamepad, play selection can get quite frustrating. I was hoping when it's 4th down and something to go. The special team selection would be easily accessible. It wasn't and I once got a delay of game because of it. Once you get past this little flaw you be ready to rock.

Overall, this is a great football game. The perfect mix of graphics and gameplay. Plus you can't miss the multiplayer options. Fully integrated Multiplay is always a nice thing to have. The Graphics again are a sight for sore eyes. And the game is really smooth, sweet camera angles. And the ability to fully customize your team is incredible. There are some small flaws, but they are not enough to take away from gameplay. New player rosters can be downloaded from the 989studios Website.

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