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Published by:
Microsoft Corporation

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 166, 16 Megs RAM, 60 Megs HD,
3D card, Sound card, Mouse, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX



Motocross Madness

Game Review - by Brian Lastrom
Motocross Madness features both single and multi-player games with a variety of racing formats to choose from. You have a stunt quarry for you to show off your best tricks over the mountainous terrain throughout North America. And if stunts aren't your thing you can go ahead and choose to race as well. There is Baja racing where you are put up against others in a race across the desert, or you can go for the national race, which is a much shorter track.

In the national race you must overcome sharp turns and tremendous jumps in order to win this ultimate race. And then there is your classic supercross race where you tour around the stadiums of North America in a variety of interesting courses. And if these courses don't suit your needs, Microsoft has implemented a map creator into the game where you can design your own supercross maps. Though I do wish that I was able to make maps for the national race as well.

The graphics are simply breathless in this wonderfully rendered game. They really make you feel as though you are right there racing. And when you hit that dirt after a mind-blowing wreck, you can't help but to cringe at the pain that rider must be enduring.

Motocross Madness really shows off its excellent fog effects. From speeding across the desert early in the morning, to the long look down as you hit some massive air. You'll realize that you are very high up and that landing it might be a little painful.

Sound FX:
The sound effects are pretty good, about average among games of its type. There really isn't anything special or spectacular about them. But they do the job and don't take away from the game itself.

The gameplay is about normal. Though sometimes it seemed awfully easy to lose control of your motorbike. One good point is that the tricks weren't difficult to pull off, which leaves you to focus more on hitting the landing rather than a huge number of keys in a certain pattern.

And for all you beginners out there, if you seem to lose control a little too often, then you can go to the old options screen and choose among some features that will help you balance your bike, and land easier.

This game is definitely a good time. The multi-player is extremely quick and easy to set up. And with the multitude of different races you'll sure to be busy for many hours. One thing I also liked was how you can adjust the spring tension on the bike's shocks as well as different types of engines. But these engines mainly only vary in how they accelerate, so no one can choose some massive engine and blow everyone away. You actually have to consider the track you are using and decide what engine is best. Go forth and enjoy yourself with the killer racing game, I know I will!!

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