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SouthPeak Interactive

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Pentium 100 with Win95, 16mb of RAM
10mb HD, 2mb SVGA, Sound, DirectX 3.

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Men in Black: The Game

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Men In Black, the blockbuster movie, is now a fast-paced & challenging action/adventure PC game. Building on the plot of the hit movie, Men In Black: The Game places you in the secret intergalactic crime-fighting organization.

Here, you'll see if you have the skills and street smarts necessary to cut it as one of the few Men in Black, as you face deadly aliens in a battle for the survival of the earth! As a member, you only have one job responsibility: To Protect the Earth from the Scum of the Universe.

Men In Black: The Game loosely follows the set-up for the movie, where players adopt the role of New York City cop James Edwards, by eliminating bad guys, disguised aliens; to become one of the Men in Black.

After successfully completing this portion of the game, players can select any of the games's three main characters of: Will Smith (Agent J), Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K), or Linda Fiorentino (Agent L), to move through 3 brand-new Men In Black missions.

Key Features:
Men In Black: The Game will also sport other cool notable features like:

  • Solving challenging puzzles and problems to advance the games's intriguing story lines. These plots extend the movie's action-based, tongue-in-cheek story.

  • Undergo special MiB training before participating in three new action packed MiB missions -- taking you from the Artic to the Amazon and around the world.

  • Master the game's fast-paced action shooter featuring eight unique MiB weapons. Here, a sharp eye and quick reflexes are a must for survival.

  • Visit 200 different settings -- each expertly crafted and featuring highly detailed, 3D polygon characters in the exact likeness of the movie's key actors and aliens.

  • Participate in realistic hand-to-hand combat as you battle a variety of aliens -- from the lowliest of drone to the most sinister and monstrous kingpin.

I loved the movie and was hoping for good things from the game, but what was the last really good movie-based game you've played? MIB is a good game, but not a great game. Expect to be stumped more than once in solving the puzzles and aggravated a few times with the fighting. In its attempt to combine action and adventure it does both decently but neither greatly.

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