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Published by:
Playmates Interactive

Game Genre:
Action/3D Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 90, 8mb HD, 16 Megs of RAM,
SVGA Video, Sound card, & DirectX 3.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by Dan Piparo
In MDK, players step into the role of Kurt Hectic. Seeing the trouble on Earth, Dr. Hawkins orders Kurt to the surface to save the day. Armed with a bullet proof suit, a machine gun and a sniper rifle, players must take on a multitude of nasty aliens. On a Good Day, 2.5 Billion people will Die...

MDK has to be the best 3-Dimensional adventure game to hit the video game et. It looks and feels you are actually in a 3D world. All the graphics run at 640x480 and feature motion captured animations. The use of the sniper mode is where the graphic detail shows up the best. The players ability to zoom onto a target is one of the coolest things that a 3D game has yet to offer. MDK also supports 3D acceleration for those out there that have a 3D cards like the Monster and Virge. When running in 3D accelerated mode the graphics are noticeably sharper and faster than that of SVGA mode. But don't rush out to buy a 3D card just yet, because of MDK's awesome character detail and background rendering, the game has the distinct allusion that the game is running off a 3D card. That's the smoothness of this game.

Arenas and Weapons:
There are over 60 arenas offering over 60 hours of game play. Each arena has its own unique design and challenges, with multiple puzzles and tricks, plus hidden areas. These unique arenas require the players to retrieve special weapons or tools before they can continue. The weapons & tools that players can find and use are parachuted from your allies, and they arrive as you need them. Weapons & tools include: nuclear bombs, sniper rifle (with homing bullets), and decoy of yourself. (What a classic!)

Soundtrack Quality:
The sound for MDK is extraordinary, the echo of the rifle and resonance of the nuclear bombs runs chills down your back. The alien's voices are hard to understand, but who really cares when you are blowing them away. If there isn't a section in the music store for the best game soundtracks, there definitely should be one just because of MDK's music quality. If you have access to surround sound speakers, MDK's soundtrack creates a feeling of playing the game in a high tech sound stage. The movie-like soundtrack quality motivates your soul, captures your excitement.

Intelligence and Difficulty
MDK was not hard at all to get adjusted to, but instead it was plain easy. The player is not faced with a maze and too many doors like Quake & Doom. There is only one way forward, which made it clearly visible to incoming enemy laser and plasma cannon fire. This one way forward style navigating is a relief for your mind and an adventure for your curiosity. There really is not that much interaction with the enemies in MDK, but the enemies are much smarter than previous action/adventure games. Enemies will hide under walls and come out only to take shots at you. And if the enemy gets hit, they will even duck back under the wall. Well, because of the enemy's extra intelligence, MDK does appear to be difficult, but there are different difficulty settings.

Game Playability
The menus within MDK are easy to move about in. All options are easily accessible and changeable from the options menu. When playing the game with a 3D accelerator there is an additional menu to change the details of 3D acceleration. The controls for maneuvering Kurt through his environment is much the same as in other 3D games. In addition to shooting and jumping, you can glide, and sniper. Sniping is exhilarating because you can zoom in so close that you can light an alien's cigarette with one well-positioned shot. So if you know how to defend yourself in Quake and maneuver in Tomb Raider, then this game is a breeze.

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