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Sierra Online, Inc.

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Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, SVGA card

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King's Quest 8

Game Review - by StormDaemon
The King's Quest series continues with another outstanding game that provides for hours and hours of quality gaming. Mask of Eternity combines incredible 3D graphics with a great control interface and an awesome storyline to make a game that is worthy of the name King's Quest. Both old and new fans will surely not be disappointed with the quality and quantity that is contained within this massive adventure that could truly be called an epic.

The story of the Mask of Eternity begins with an evil wizard breaking the mask into five pieces and sending them around the world. At the same time, the wizard then casts an evil spell which turns all of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Daventry into stone, all, that is, but one. That lone hero is named Connor, and he is given the task of adventuring through several complex worlds and completing several quests in order to make right what was made wrong and bring the people of his country back to life.

When a game with the name of King's Quest comes along, it is expected and demanded that there be a large amount of things to do and control in the world that is presented. Mask of Eternity does not disappoint at all. From the different viewpoints to all of the weapons and items, this game offers a lot of things to do and get, including axes, bows, crossbows, lots of armor, scrolls, money, and lots of healing items. The viewpoints in the game are a real boon to anyone because of the ability to go to either first person or third person view. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but deciding which way to go is usually just a preference for the time. Personally, I like combat in first person and occasionally exploring in third person. The third person allows for a bigger view of the area, but it doesn't immerse you in the game as much as first person does. Another great part of the game is the menu system because it is so simple and efficient. Everything is available on the same screen, and that is great because you don't have to pause play to go searching through several different screens in order to get one little item. Everything is right in front of your face, and that truly allows for good game playing to come shining through.

Playing King's Quest 8 is like being involved in an epic story that has no bounds. Saying that about the game should be enough of an indication as to how good the game plays. The control, graphics, and details all combine to allow for complete exploration in a complex and believable world that can fully engross a player. The worlds are huge, the puzzles are intriguing, and everything looks great. While in most third person view games the cameras are really annoying and have a mind of their own, the views are completely controllable by the player, which makes it really easy to play and actually enjoy playing the game. Living out the story as Connor is truly a pleasure and is very exciting because of all the things that can happen. You aren't limited to a single path that you must hack and slash your way through, you can through many different ways in order to accomplish the objective, and that truly makes this game fun to play.

The graphics in Mask of Eternity are absolutely great to say the least, with fully 3d rendered everything, and enough detail to satisfy any graphics aficionado. All of the characters and worlds are very nicely done and totally engross you in their reality. Not only is everything rendered well, but the detail imparted to all of the graphics, including the leaves that blow by, is awesome. The water, the statues of former people, the weapons, and everything else is all believable and looks very appropriate for the setting of the world. The special effects that frequently occur are all nice and really add to the game. The textures used for all of the renderings were all done with high quality in mind and it reflects greatly, especially when you can watch the character move their mouths, even though it is only the textures changing. The camera angle that allow you to witness all of these graphics are intelligent and generally left up to the player to control, which is very refreshing after being forced to play the game the way the view wants you to in other 3rd person games.

Sound FX:
The sound effects are very nice, and the soundtrack is great as well. The characters all have their own voices, and in the majority of the time spent adventuring something is usually muttered by Connor. Conversations are a norm and they sound really good. Every character even has their own authentic accent, which sounds really cool. The ambiance is excellent and is truly appropriate for the setting and story. While the sounds within a game are rarely spectacular, most usually fit in okay enough not to be considered bad, but in Mask of Eternity, the sounds fit in perfectly. The music is perfectly suited for the mood and heightens the entire experience.

King's Quest: Mask of Eternity is a whole lot of fun to play, and it is recommended to anyone who enjoys playing computer games. The graphics are great, the interface is easy and powerful, and the story is wonderful. Not too many games can compare to any of the King's Quest series, and this game shows off the power of King's Quest. The bottom line is that this game sets standards for future adventure games, and I hope everyone can get a chance to play this engrossing game.

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