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Published by:
Melbourne House

Game Genre:
Real-Time Strategy

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 133, 16 Megs RAM, SVGA card,
Sound card, Mouse, Joystick, DirectX.

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Sound FX



KKND2: Krossfire

Game Review - by StormDaemon
In the post-apocalyptic future, three groups vy for control of what's left of the planet, and will do whatever it takes to do destroy the other. You take command of one of these groups and lead them into battle with the others. A typical RTS game, KKND2 has both cartoonish and detailed graphics, which takes away from the overall value of the game. While I expected futuristic battles, I got little men in spandex T-shirts shooting red balls at each other while swearing and generally looking stupid. Some of the vehicles looked like throwbacks to a four-year-old's toy box, and the ones that were not that bad actually looked decent.

KKND2 continues 39 years after KKND left off, with the Survivors, the Evolved, and the new Series 9 robots beginning their quest for global domination anew. Those that actually survived the war from KKND managed to recover, rebuild, and mutate into more powerful war machines.

The game offers the typical RTS game menu system, with the only plus being the in game sidebar that allows for quick troop, building, and vehicle construction. Everything else is the usual, so anyone who is familiar with an RTS game will know exactly what to do.

The gameplay is average, with the only plus being the quickness of combat and the intelligent artificial intelligence. The usual supply gathering, then construction of buildings that pervades all other RTS games is here, with the only difference being that you collect oil and occasionally other sources of energy like solar energy. Vehicle and troop construction is the same, except for an interesting little feature, the constructables. The constructable option allows you to design a unit and add different parts of other vehicles to it. In the main menu lies an option to customize missions and units, a plus to an otherwise lacking amount of features.

The game seems to have a taken a more whimsical approach to whole RTS genre by using cartoonish units, weapons, and species and adding humor to the stories and sounds. Whether or not it works depends on the type of person playing the game. A person who likes cute games and may be in it just for fun may enjoy this type of game, whereas a hardcore military enthusiast would probably laugh and forget about the game.

The graphics combine futuristic military, fantastical mutations, and cartoons to produce an interesting and disappointing atmosphere that takes away from the otherwise promising story and theme. The bullets and laser beams that fire look really simple and bad, and the individual infantry for each group is even worse. The survivors have little men in either red or blue spandex shirts that have no detail, while the evolved have little pygmies, or beserkers as they call them. The Series 9 robots have units that actually decent with their futuristic, yet farm oriented vehicles and troops. The terrain, on the other hand, is really nice, with rocky slopes, rivers, plant life, and other detailed extras.

Sound FX:
The sound effects are average, with nothing special except the occasional swearing and other types of grumbling coming from the troops. The ambient music is not really oriented toward action and sounds really strange, but it is not too noticeable. None of the sounds are particularly realistic with their cartoon like noises.

The game is average overall, with the graphics being the main downfall of the whole package. While priced cheaply, it still only is another Command & Conquer rip-off, probably appealing only to those that liked the original KKND. However, if you have some extra money, and would like to see a not so military RTS, then these is the game for you, but if you like all that detailed military stuff, don't even stop to look at the game's box.

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