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Published by:
Activision, Inc.

Game Genre:

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Pentium 90, Win95,
16 Megs of RAM,
80mb HD, 2mb SVGA, Sound, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX



Interstate '76 Arsenal

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
The Interstate '76 Gold Edition, the award winning game now optimized with 16-bit 3D hardware acceleration, enhanced graphics, difficulty levels and an optimized engine for increased performance!

Nitro Pack for Interstate '76, a fully loaded expansion pack featuring over 20 new single-player missions, all-new multi-player missions & game options, new cars & weapons, and enhancements!

Nitro Pack:
Unlike any expansion pack you've ever seen, the Nitro Pack for Interstate '76 delivers far more than your typical add-on pack. Check out the all-new features...

  • 20 new single-player missions!
  • Innovative mission objectives in a variety of new settings!
  • Detailed scenarios feature all-new voiceovers by returning I'76 characters!
  • Unlock bonus missions once you complete the main mission sets!
  • Take on the role of your favorite characters from Interstate '76!
  • 30 new multi-player maps!
  • New game types including Capture The Flag and Racing!
  • Maps designed specific to game type!
  • New host options including weapon restrictions, passwords and combat settings!
  • Hack prevention: vehicles are validated before they even enter the game!
Gold Edition:
  • 16-bit 3D hardware acceleration for 3Dfx, Rendition and Power VR cards!
  • Enhanced graphics including new terrain, horizon and sky textures!
  • Fully-Optimized 3-D engine for screaming framerates!
  • New muscle cars like the Ransom Marshal, Courcheval Hacienda and Dover Rampage!
  • New novelty vehicles including a hearse, limousine, ambulance and ice cream truck!
  • New weapons like the chemical mortar, caltrops, 4Get-U-Not missile and Ball O'Flame!

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