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Published by:
Activision, Inc.

Game Genre:
Action/3D Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 166, 32 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX



Heretic II

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Immerse yourself in a world like no other. Heretic2 is one of the most visually stunning games you'll ever witness. Throw Tomb Raider out the door this is a major player.

Ages ago, when Parthoris existed in relative peace, five races walked the land. The Seraphs had withdrawn beyond the Worlds End Mountains. Each race built great cities, temples, and centers of wisdom from the knowledge that the great Seraphs left in the wake of their passing. But the Seraphs left behind more than their wisdom when the removed themselves form the affairs of Parthoris. Their passing left them open to the Outer Worlds. Which you the hero Corvus is stuck wondering around for years until now.

The Interface is intelligently built resulting in a smooth install. The game is fully customizable so all player skills can jump right into action. All commands can be entered via console. The only gripe is about the quick save and load F5, F6. Which actually takes you to a menu instead of doing the noted operation.

The Graphics of course are awesome. Super rich details are displayed in your Universe. Heretic2's graphics treat you to a gothic feel. Despite all the fancy lighting effects and unique textures. Corvus your hero to be is wonderfully animated. You will be treated to so many visual treats as Corvus leaps and dives, hurdles. The Monster Models/Animations are really cool too. You'll be laughing hard at a one armed zombie running around crying murder. Plus with the gore turned all the way up oh man, don't eat anything before playing. One of the biggest achievements in Hereitc2; is how the graphics don't eat slow computers for breakfast. You can run it safely at a base system with PII266 and 64megs of ram. Assuming you also own some type of 3dfx accelerator.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX is incredible; being able to utilize 3d sound hardware is a plus. All ambient sounds create a much need effect to assess your surroundings. And with these sounds in 3d you'll never put this game down. The Voice-overs are well done and are convincing throughout the game. The Sound track took a small break, but mostly comes into play during key moments. Setting a pretty good mood for what's coming up.

The Gameplay is somewhat difficult to master. Well not really difficult but lets say mentally challenging. I'm glad that the cross hair has been integrated well into the game. But can sometimes require too much attention and cause trouble in sticky situations. The 3rd Person Perspective is an tried and true method of gameplay. You'll be happy to know heretic2 prides itself in full control and operation. You'll be just as pleased pushing buttons and switches as battling it out with foes. Probably the only fault you'll find is in the sometimes-annoying auto-target. Which can at times get you pretty mad at Corvus and the game. There's one good point Corvus is capable of targeting dead to live creatures. For all you Multi freaks out there you'll be happy to know that the game is ready. No need for patches, excuses from developers, bout time for something like that.

Overall, this game shines above so many others. Realistic scenery and buildings, Sounds from the Music God himself. The Multi play is something you have to experience for yourself. It is unique as well as fun, as I said before Heretic2 is a major player. Leaping tall buildings in a single bound, faster than a speeding bullet, that's what Raven Software has achieved here.

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