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Published by:
Sierra Online, Inc.

Game Genre:
Role-Playing Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 60, Win95,
16 Megs of RAM,
Sound Card, Mouse, Registered Diablo.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by Dan Piparo
HellFire is the only authorized expansion pack to Blizzard Entertainment's runaway blockbuster hit, Diablo. HellFire adds to the Diablo universe a stunning array of enhancements and gameplay features for the single-player mode, including a new character class, additional quests and new dungeons, monsters, weapons, objects, spells, and artifacts. HellFire is the only add-on pack on the original Diablo program code, resulting in a true expansion and continuance of the original storyline, characters, and feature sets.

HellFire introduces players to new quest revolving around a powerful demon known as Na-krul. A creature who once served as Diablo's chief minion and strongest ally, Na-krul and his co-horts rebelled against Diablo and, after a failed attempt to overthrow their master, were banished to the Void.

Freed by an evil sorcerer, Na-krul has set up command in the ancient Demon Crypts and has once again initialized his plans to destroy Diablo and spread the evils of Hell throughout the world. Gathering together a small army of never-before-seen monsters and evil spells, Na-Krul poses an even greater threat than Diablo, because he is bigger, stronger, smarter, and tougher to defeat.

Explore New Realms and Monsters:
HellFire's quest ushers players into the realms of 29 new monsters, challenging novice and advanced players alike to find entirely new methods of combat. In HellFire, players will confront the The Lich, an Undead, skeletal sorceror; the Psychorb, a floating, be-tentacled eyeball that fires spells; the Hork Demon, a gnarled monstrosity that attacks viciously in between "horking up" little Hork Spawn demons; and the Grave Digger, a shovel-toting zombie.

Realistic New Skills and Abilities:
With 30 new magic items and five unique new spells - including Immolation (fires fireballs in all directions), Lightning Wall (generates a wall of lightning), and Warp (teleports player to the nearest exit in a dungeon) - players are offered new ways of defeating the offending opponents and developing their character's skills and abilities. Players will also find new unique items, armor and weapons in the quest, offering a greater variety of strategies and tactics.

Character Class:
Also new to the HellFire player is a new player character class, The Monk. With a mix of abilities not found in any other class, this mysterious priest of an ancient faith comes wandering from distant lands & realms with a plethora of defenses and helpful ideas up his sleeves.

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