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Published by:
Hasbro Interactive

Game Genre:

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Not Available

Pentium 133, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX




Game Review - by StormDaemon
Arcade games usually involve mindless entertainment supplemented by decent graphics and the need for a quick trigger finger. While Glover is no groundbreaking production, it is entertaining with its puzzles, acrobatic movements, and cartoonish 3d graphics.

A good wizard is one day experimenting with potions and accidentally mixes the wrong ones. A huge explosion occurs, destroying the wizard and bringing his magical gloves to life. One was sent flying out of the tower, while the other was thrown into a cauldron of pure evil. In the chaos, the Kingdom's power crystals were sent flying away as rubber balls. As Glover, the good magical glove, you must recover the crystals and save the kingdom.

Glover offers little in the way of game features, allowing for more of a concentration on the actual gameplay. Movement in the game is more than just up, down, left, right, and jump. Glover can do flips, cartwheels, magic, and more when he has his magic ball. Most of the game involves moving around the ball, which can change into a bowling ball, a rubber ball, a small metal ball, and a crystal. Glover can move it around by throwing, slapping, rolling, walking on, and bouncing, all of which are genuinely fun to watch and perform. Also in the way of Glover, beyond the puzzling levels are the numerous enemies and power ups available, which can both hinder and help in his quest for all of the crystals.

The play of the game is varied and creative, although somewhat difficult at times. The main difficulty lies in the camera positioning and control of Glover. No matter what way the camera is positioned, Glover will move up, down, left, or right in respect to the camera. This would not be too much of a problem if the camera was stationary for a good period of time, however, the camera is always moving, which means that you must continually adjust the movement of Glover, which does not allow for precise or continuous movement.

Now that I have that gripe out of the way, I'll go on to the good parts of the game, and considering what the game sets out to do, there a few of them. First off, the game isn't a straightforward go here and dodge this type of game, there are a lot of puzzles and places to explore that add a bit of depth to an otherwise completely shallow game. The enemies, though, are a bit lame. They kind of shuffle around and don't really provide for too much of a threat because trying to navigate around is hard enough itself. The power-ups add a bit extra to the game, although the main things that really make the game what it is are the graphics, the levels, and Glover himself.

The graphics are fully 3D and colorful, and without them, the game would not be as much fun as it is. The landscapes are flowing and large, though not highly detailed, and the creatures that inhabit them are cute and cartoonish with the ability to send Glover to his doom. Whenever Glover captures an item or casts a spell, there are cartoony special effects that accompany the event. Glover himself was well animated with all of his different available moves including flips, cartwheels, fist slams, pointing, and even sitting. Though the graphics are not top of the line and state of the art, they do suit their purpose and make the game as cute and cartoonish as it could ever hope to look.

Sound FX:
The sounds in the game were not really noticeable, with cutesy effects and background music that did not do much for the game as a whole. While they were not at all bad, they were not detailed or overwhelming, or even a major factor in the gameplay. In essence, the sounds were average.

The game was fun and cute, but not groundbreaking. The arcade action was good and the graphics were very nice, but the sounds and control were not so nice. While not too much could be complained about with the sound, the control was a factor that truly degraded gameplay. Nevertheless, the game was interesting, and anyone looking for a cutesy arcade game will be sure to love Glover.

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