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Monolith Productions

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Pentium 90, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, 1mb SVGA.

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Sound FX



Get Medieval

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
The return of Gauntlet is here. With a new look and slick Monty Python humor. Fans of the Gauntlet Game will be pleased.

The setting for Get Medieval! Takes place on the outskirts of a town called Dirindale. The city has been laid to ruins, and the castle once belonging to King Aaron of Arrivus, have been overunned by a slew of creatures and one huge red dragon. The king has offered fame, fortune, and absolute power to anyone who can rid the castle of this evil and kill the dragon. There are four warriors who have offered to enter the fray, The Barbarian Zared, the Sorceress Levina, the Warrior Kellina, and the Archer Eryc.

The game features are set in place, and easy to use. It took me minimal time to set up my game pad, and figure out how to set the player up. The most impressive feature is the four-player set up. Four players can play on the same screen. And the multiplayer option is something to see too.

The Graphics in Get Medieval are so so. They're not to bad though enough for you to say yuck. There are some nice lighting effects and the character design is smooth. But still the graphics look SVGA, not quite the 3D look Monolith promised. Get Medieval still has a 2d feel to it; Monolith did a good job because this is a Gauntlet revision.

Sound FX:
Hehe a smile comes to my face when I approach this section: Sound FX. This is because the each character has a few humorous one liners. For Example the Sorceress Levina saucy line "Oh I'm getting excited danger must me near!" Man I must have dropped to the floor laughing when I first heard this. It definitely keeps you amused during the game. The other sound effects of killing enemies could make ya lose lunch but its all good. Theirs no much I can say about the musical track, because it's fairly repetitive.

The Gameplay is Gauntlet's 2 oops I mean Get Medieval's strongest feature. As I mentioned before the four players on same screen rocks. The game stays true to authentic Gauntlet play, as the constant on slew of monsters keeps your heart going. Another thing take head you can shoot absolutely every thing. I'm not kidding you can shoot monsters (duh!) treasure chests, health potions, and about everything else I forgot. This begins to suck a little in the later levels when the monsters come in super swarms.

The final verdict, this is a game for all ages and skill levels. It is extremely easy to pick up on how the game is played shoot, move, and magic spell. Unfortunately there is only one magic spell but so what. Monolith has done a pretty good job of reinventing Gauntlet. Don't expect too many improvements over the classic game, but I'm happy to see the revamped classic.

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