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Published by:
Microsoft Corporation

Game Genre:
Flight Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 90, 16 Megs RAM, 15 Megs HD,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX



Flight Simulator 98

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Flight Simulator 98 is the world leader in flight simulation for the PC pushes technology and realism beyond the horizon. With a global database of scenery and airports, pilot-tested flight models, detailed instrument panels, and a fleet of challenging aircraft. Whether you're an airline captain or a student pilot, you want to fly with the leader. Only Flight Simulator 98 gives you cutting-edge graphics technology combined with worldwide scenery and airports. Flight models developed, tested, and validated by the experts ensure the most realistic flight simulation. Fifteen years of experience makes Flight Simulator 98 the most compelling flight simulator ever. Flight Simulator 98 is simply as real as it gets.

Popular Aircraft:
Experience the most advanced and accurate flight models available on the PC, each validated by the experts--Cessna, Learjet, and aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff. Ready for a hop in a chopper? Try the new Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter. Or blast off in the brand-new Learjet 45, a plane even the jet-setters are still waiting to fly. Fly your favorites--the Cessna 182 Skylane, Extra 300S, Boeing 737-400, Schweizer sailplane, and Sopwith Camel.

Take the Controls:
With 3-D acceleration and MMX technology snaps scenery into an electrifying new dimension. The high-resolution instrument panels put you in today's technologically advanced cockpits. And the digitally sampled sounds bring each aircraft roaring to life. When the weather closes in and you have to depend on your instruments, you'll find the detailed instrument panels up to the challenge. Learn the fundamentals with the Cessna's basic IFR panel. Advance to the Bell 206, then try to keep up with the latest electronic displays in the Boeing 737. From dawn till dusk and beyond, advanced navigational aids will keep you in the air and on course.

More of the Globe:
From the Caribbean to Hawaii, you've got the best seat in the house. Take off from more than 3000 airports worldwide. With 10 times more airports than before, you'll be in the traffic pattern at airline hubs and suburban airstrips. It also includes detailed scenery for 45 international metropolitan areas, including 20 new U.S. cities, lets you start your adventures almost anywhere--even from a skyscraper helipad! Explore natural wonders and cityscapes from around the globe, including Hawaii, the Caribbean, Japan, and a new photo-realistic Hong Kong area. Fly over the world's most famous lands, including the pyramids, the Colosseum, Red Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Easter Island, and much more.

Experience the Feedback:
The multiplayer features put you in the sky with other with other pilots via Internet or network connections. With FREE Internet matchmaking on the Internet Gaming Zone lets you enter international airshows and aerobatic competitions. And with the force-feedback joystick support it will make "pulling G's" more than just a game.

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