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Published by:
Electronic Arts

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 133, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 6

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Sound FX



FIFA '99

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
EA Sports are at it again. This time they have really created a winner. Now if you thought the last two EA soccer titles (FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup 98(RTWC), and FIFA 98: World Cup 98 (World Cup 98)) rocked you got another thing coming. FIFA 99 brings some new tricks to the table and then some. Plus I think 250 soccer clubs is enough don't you think?

The Features in FIFA 99 have been jacked to the max. The new Interface is awesome; EA always comes up with something exciting. Big easy buttons to push, limit you from getting lost or confused. Plus You'll be treated to excellent player control, no more frustrating lineouts'. Next you can have full control over custom teams, and even custom leagues. The most enjoyable mode is European Dream League, play against or with the best in Europe.

Don't be surprised the Graphics are excellent. EA time in and time out can produce a graphic wonder. Although this time the designers drank to much coffee or something. These graphics are on another level that is above all soccer titles even the old EA titles. The new player animations are enjoyable, bringing better chests traps, bicycle kicks, and special moves. One of the things that FIFA 98 flawed in was the weather effects, where you would pick rain, or snow yet nothing happens. That is definitely fixed here, welcome the new snow, and rain effects. EA also scaled the player's heights, another well-noted detail. The addition of lines men, and active referees was cool. After a bad call you'll be treated to a pretty funny arguing animation. If there was one grip that is the game runs only at 640X480, I haven't seen any setting to make it higher. Maybe this isn't so bad the resolution being locked, because the game can run flawless on any PC.

Sound FX:
The SoundFX, are pretty much the same as FIFA 98. The crowd does get involved a little more, and are more in sync with the action. I still wish there would be more chants, and rants. Now on to the commentary, which I felt took a step backwards. I found that the commentators repeated sayings more than before. That got quite annoying and puzzled me why are they doing that. Maybe in the next FIFA they can create some type of voice/sentence program. Which can create phrases via the game action, and would never say the same thing twice. The Musical Score was not a let down, even though it's only limited to certain menus. It was upbeat and had that tencho jive I love.

The Gameplay is improved and ask us this why not? By now we expect something new and fantastic from EA. And each time we're never let down. The new AI is finally believable, no longer is Professional Mode a cakewalk. But you'll be pleased to know a ton of special moves are not necessary to master higher skill levels. As I mentioned before the player control has been improved. In all areas of play, the movements feel secure, and passing is pinpoint money. The new Special moves are easy to learn, and fun when actually pulled off. The ability to semi-control a goalie is a nice touch for those who enjoy raw gameplay.

FIFA 99 has way more positives then flaws. Making it in my mind the best soccer game to date. This time EA fixed many issues that troubled soccer fans in FIFA 98. The new AI and graphics, are nice touches. Plus finally having the weather come down when selected is great. Most importantly gameplay was improved and the new player animations are fun to watch. Soccer enthusiasts will not, I repeat will not be let down.

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