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Published by:
Interplay Productions

Game Genre:
Role-Playing Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 90, 16 Megs RAM, 30 Megs HD,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 5

Retail Price:
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Sound FX



Fallout 2

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Welcome newcomers to the sequel of Fallout. This is not just any ole sequel to the best RPG of the year. This is the new bad boy in town. Fallout2 brings a whole new bag of tricks to the stage. Some being upgrade and train NPC's (non-player characters), get married and pimp your spouse, and learning over 100 new skills.

The story is huge; you're the descendant of the chosen one. The one guy that whooped the master's ass 80 years ago. The Master was a super mutant with a bad temper. Anyway as I mentioned before its 80 years later. You're goal here is to find the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. You must find this kit to save your village. The path will be hard, while you have to face mutants, thieves, and much more. Every moment is critical every step you take could be your last. Can you endure this post-nuclear environment I hope so.

The features in Fallout2 are numerous. As there is a detailed character creation screen. Which allows you to describe and create your hero right down to the T. Not only can you create a character but also you can modify them at any time. Of course if you don't want a personal character, you have three preset heroes. Mingan: the thief, he has stealth and can sneak around anywhere. If you enjoy stealing this is your guy. Chista: the diplomat, she can barter her way to the fullest. Plus that sweet tongue of hers can smooth out any situation. Finally my fav Narg: he's the definition of brute force. Narg is a skilled hunter, and will crush anything in his path. Of course don't expect long intelligent chats with Narg. You won't get any heheh.

The graphics in Fallout2 although not being 3Dfx are still sweet. The are really nice pastel textures, and the buildings look believable. I really felt like I was immersed in a post-nuclear world. Maybe stepping in that green goo refreshed my memory. The characters are well done, and detailed. Not super detailed though because I still can't tell if them tribal women are topless! The outside environment is really cool. As you'll witness dying plants, trashed cars messed up trees. It really looks like someone dropped one too many atomic bombs out there. The biggest and most important factor there is never any slow down. Maybe that's because I was crazy enough to install the full 625mb!

Sound FX:
The sound FX rock, I'm not that far in the game but from what I've heard is good stuff. There are wicked sounds of gun fire, spears being thrown, knives being slashed, and the numerous character voice over are sweet. The musical track rocks in the background. You barely notice it, but you are in for a treat.

Aw man you know what time it is, Gameplay time! The gameplay in Fallout2 is phenomenal. You can manipulate or search almost anything in the environment. You're mouse turns into a three-way cursor. One being the command: search, look, or talk, two to move, and three attacks. Plus there are 100's of new skills to learn, and new and improved traits. Traits are not necessary to beat the game but are fun to have. I had to pick the Sex Appeal trait; it makes you a ladies man. Also nothing beats the Kama Sutra master skill. That happens to be a skill that improves your ability to do the nasty. I was rolling on the Floor in Laughter when I saw that one. The biggest thing is the ability to upgrade and train your NPC's. This rocks but make sure the NPC's is on your side or you're screwed.

Finally, This game rocks in every category. Jeez I just keep getting these innovative games. Fallout2 has serious contention for the next RPG of the year. Interplay added the right touches and improvements. Fallout2 is worth every cent, I just wish I would stop dying all over the place hehe.

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