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Published by:
Red Storm, Inc.

Game Genre:
Arcade Simulation

Game Cheats:
Not Available

Pentium 166, 16 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
SVGA, Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 6.

Retail Price:
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Sound FX



Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Ding, Ding, Ding its round two for Rainbow Six, this time around there's a new twist to the scene. That's the introduction to real life campaigns areas. The Name is Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch, the mission is the same that is if you accept it.

From Rainbow Six you saved civilization, as we know it can be a terrible mess in places. Often it's a mess in dark, faraway places, when reason fails and desperate men threaten the lives of innocents. Rainbow's mission still stands: correct these wrongs while diplomat's dither. After the successes detailed in the original Rainbow team enters a period of slow growth and training. Four new operatives are added to the team. Three new weapons are added to the arsenal. Two new training areas are constructed. And Five more threats to peace and prosperity arise.

The Interface is the same as the original Rainbow Six. Same Install, planning menus and so on. The main issue in Rainbow Six was you couldn't control other team members. Which is still evident here, plus the AI actually took a back step. Pretty funny running around with highly trained killers that are brain dead.

The Graphics in Rainbow Six where fairly revolutionary, bringing a life like feel to your surroundings. In Eagle Watch, times this factor by three and you got some awesome stages. Not only are the campaigns based in real life locations but are detailed a T. You'll spend hours on end just running around looking at the architect splendor. The main problem in Rainbow Six was the stages seemed to linear. This is where Eagle Watch has completely nullified that with three plus leveled stages. With a Basement, Middle, Roof you'll have a hard time getting a solid read on your Hbs.

Sound FX:
The Sound FX in Eagle Watch really hasn't been improved that much. The Gun and Frag effects are the same. The terrorists are still mutes, on patrol. Although there are some fairly cool ambient sounds of birds and bats. The Music Score took a back seat, as it is the same as the original Game.

The gameplay has not been changed that much. There was no real need for improvements to be done. What have been changed are Four new operatives, Three new weapons, two new training missions, and Five new campaigns. For us Rainbow Six enthusiasts we would have liked too see more missions. Big let down there, as for Clancy, Book Followers should be familiar with the four new characters (Louis Louiselle, Homer Johnston, Eddie Price, and Dieter Weber). The new weapons pack a punch as you can utilize the powerful (Desert Eagle .50 Pistol, H&K G36K Assault Rifle, H&K G3A3 Assault Rifle). There are some really cool new modes to fuel your fire. Full Watch this mode is for single player observation, where have control over all teams. You don't physically use any member but you can pass go codes, hold and release, switch views and so forth. The main thing about EW is the mutliplayer improvements, which are numerous in nature. The four new concepts are Scatter, Assassin, and Terrorist Hunt and Save the Base. In Scatter Mode the players on each team are placed in random positions. In Assassin Mode each team starts with a non-combatant-The General, if the opposite team shoots him game over. In Terrorist Hunt, Each team must shoot at least half of the terrorist to win. Don't forget about the other team too. Finally, Save the Base, each team is tasked with defusing a powerful bomb, which is located in the other teams base.

On the Final note Eagle Watch has not improved many single player aspects. But through the mutliplayer aspect numerous and interesting things were added in. Most noticeably a game that doesn't crash so much. As in all add-ons the question is was the game revamped completely. Well let's just say that Red Storm's motto is "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

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