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Published by:
Ripcord Games, Inc.

Game Genre:
Action Strategy

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 200, 32 Megs RAM, 6X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 6

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Sound FX



Enemy Infestation

Game Review - by StormDaemon
In the dwindling et of non-3D action arcade games, very few can offer anything more than shoot-everything-you-see gameplay. Enemy Infestation does offer that kind of gameplay, but with the added elements of strategy and resourcefulness in trying to survive the onslaught of continually evolving aliens. Not only will you have to destroy them, but you also have to defend and keep alive your colonists if you wish to find a way to defeat their ability to evolve and overcome the threat. Unlike other games, weapons and their effects are not immediately known and must be experimented with, giving a flare of mystery to the game and providing for some interesting encounters.

In Earth's far future, Mankind had depleted the resources of Earth beyond the point of being able to survive, and so they have taken to colonizing other planets to feed the world. On one world of colonies, a strange meteorite crashed to the ground and unleashed an alien species capable of evolving quickly and taking over everything. As commander of the surviving colonists, you must fight back the alien menace and keep as many people alive as possible. If you're resourceful enough, you may have a chance, if not, everyone is alien food.

Enemy Infestation features a birds-eye view of the game with an information bar on the bottom of the screen. Selecting and using everything from colonists to guns is easy to do and understand, and info about anything can be gleaned from right clicking on it. The info bar on the bottom of the screen offers every type of information about goals, colonists, weapons, and messages, and allows easy access to all of that. The menu system within the game is easy and allows for maximum playability.

The gameplay offers the ability to control a large number of people and control them effectively. The only disadvantage throughout the game is that each person can only hold one weapon or item, which gets really annoying in combat when your ammo runs out. Some weapons can be recharged, and some can build up their own charge. The fact that the aliens evolve themselves to adapt to your weapons makes it even more difficult to combat them. Eventually the aliens may even learn to use your own weapons against you. The artificial intelligence in the game seems to be pretty advanced with the aliens being able to follow you and hunt you down, and also to plan ambushes. Another fun point of the game is that each colonist has an ability to manipulate or do things within the game, so it is very important to try to keep all of them alive. All in all, the gameplay is fun and has a lot of action, but it also takes a lot of strategy to beat back the aliens and keep the colonists alive.

While the graphics are not the super 3D million polygon per whatever craze that is hitting most games nowadays, they are very detailed and ornate, offering a good look at futuristic colonies and aliens. Though, at times, the characters that are walking can get a little stiff and choppy, most of the time that really is not noticed and the game will go on. The details though, are the really nice part because the level designers did not take the easy way out and throw a few computers here and there. They really detailed every room, making each one unique and have a sort of life to it. Once you get into the game, you really feel that you are there, in control of the people as they try to survive the onslaught.

Sound FX:
The sound effects were done very creatively and well. Each character has their own unique voice and sayings that really add to the game. The aliens also have their own sounds, and the best part of that is you can hear them if they are nearby, which helps a lot if you are trying to avoid them. Their growls will go through several rooms and make you jump every once in a while. The music in the background also was done well and fits in with the entire futuristic theme.

This was a fun game. I was expecting only pure action, but I found out that there is a lot of strategy involved in stopping the aliens. Not only are they smart and strong, but they grow fast and evolve even faster. While the graphics were not top notch, the details made up for that and supported the game a great deal. The sound was good, and the comments made by the characters were pretty cool. The bottom line for this game is fun and requires a lot more than a fast trigger finger. If you don't mind the graphics, then it's a good game.

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