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Interplay Productions

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Pentium 100, 16 Megs RAM, 30 Megs HD,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 5

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Sound FX



Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Welcome fellow gamers. Introducing to you Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb, an expansion for the great DBtS (Die by the Sword). From my experience these are the three most looked for features in an expansion game. One being well what's new? Two does the game do new stuff And Three what's new in the game? Hehe well the question is does DBtS: Limb from Limb, include enough new things or not?

The story has been slightly modified. Not only do you have Enric's quest but you can use Maya as well. Wondering what Maya's quest is all about. After a few short weeks-ensuing Enric's heroic rescue, Maya' begins to have some nasty nightmares. The power crystals main use was to drain Maya's evil energy. Later she begins to hear rumors about an "Evil Queen Maya". Well of course Maya doesn't like rumors she had to get to the bottom of this. Your quest begins Maya vs. Evil Twin Half Maya "Let's get it on!"

The install was smooth and painless. Keep in mind that you need the full version of DBtS to install the add-on. Also the Original CD is required to play each time. The biggest feature you'll notice is the increased selection of multiplayer options. Ranging from Ogre Hockey, King of the Hill, and a revamped tournament mode.

I played this game with a Voodoo2 (3Dfx2) card and the look of the characters and surroundings cannot be faulted. Even as you walk along to your next battle, various shrubbery and plants come into close-up view with the camera following Enric, since the game is played in third-person view. In a lot of other games, you'd expect such items to be sparsely detailed as they are rarely seen in close-up. However, this is not the case here as they appear just as detailed in either case.

Sound FX:
For the sound, there's plenty to shout about as battles provide some meaty thumps as you wave your sword about in the vicinity of the enemy. As you fight against some higher-level characters, if you're winning Enric will shout in Brian Blessed-like tones, "You fight like a Kobold!" but if you're losing badly, after another swipe (or if you're unfortunate enough to lose a limb!), he'll smartly-shout "Bloody hell!"

The background music which plays from the CD is also excellent, providing the perfect atmosphere, sometimes with quiet ambience and at other times building into a crescendo as you engage in battle. Finally, another sound worth repeating is the bone crushing (literally) sound as you hack a corpse into pieces, just for fun of course!

The gameplay is something we can really talk about. During Maya's quest you can use some new characters. Such as any enemy you crushed during Enric's quest. Plus there is a slew of new weapon combos to choose from. The real strength comes from the Multiplayer aspect. Including a Coop Quest Mode, you and a friend via modem, ethernet can rip it up. Plus there are some new monsters: like the Minotaur, and bug like greeble. 4 new battle arenas also have been added. Which involve rotating floors, teleporters, and traps.

Overall, DBtS: Limb from Limb seems like a cover up. The only fault of DBtS was the quest was way to short. That wasn't improved that much. Maya's quest isn't long enough as well. But life has been breathed back into the Multiplayer section. As well as the tournament will keep you busy for hours.

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